My remastered Book Sex and The Signposts with some new additions. Its Saucy! its Sexy! its very very naughty!
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Sex and the Signposts



Finding myself at a crossroads,single again as an older woman, I don’t know which way to turn. With my libido rising along with my age, I find a surprising solution to my dilemma…Toyboys.

I was floored by the discovery of my husband’s infidelity with my ‘friend and neighbour’ yes! she really did live right next door. I was horrified to find myself a nearly fifty something woman, single again after eighteen years of marriage, during which I had been a faithful, dutiful and loyal wife – for the second time I didnt know which way to turn. This is a brutally honest, hilarious and sometimes poignant account of my last three years as a single older woman and how I found solace in the arms of younger men. Trying to juggle my personal, family and working life is like a military operation and being revved up on HRT and having found my libido hiding under the bed, I struggle to find time to satisfy my desires. I decide to keep a diary of each and every encounter to help me cope. As Internet dating becomes part of my everyday life I discover that keeping control of my emotions and my sex drive is harder than I thought. But rather than this being a cautionary tale of modern dating it is in fact proof that an older woman can fare just as well as the younger model in todays world of Dating Apps and Websites. It would seem that great sex and joy has no age limits. Amen to that!


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