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Having found myself abandoned by my husband of twenty years for a younger woman (a friend and neighbour ! enough said) I was single again and had no idea which way to go. Unable to fall apart and give in to despair, I had to be strong for my children, my whole life was turned on its head.

Here I was single again, having to move house and start all over. Broken but not dead I thought right woman!! you have just bloody well got to get on with it! With my confidence at ground zero I started to venture out and about but inside my head I was thinking “this is going to be bloody awful” and asking myself “Whose gonna want an old second hand bird like me ?”

But fueled with a few Gin and Tonics a lot of slap I began to get attention.  Not as you may think from the nice grey haired gentleman that sit in the corner of the  pub and just want someone to cook clean and wash their socks!! but from the rather fit and gorgeous younger variety.

I thought at first that they were having a joke at my expense, but realised very quickly that these propositions were deadly serious. I pinched myself a couple of times (finding much more than and inch!!) and thought now what shall I do.? Having found my libido hiding under the bed (where my Ex had put it) and revved up on HRT I found these attentions harder and harder to resist….so one day, throwing caution and my knickers to the wind I said yes!  thus beginning my journey into the arms of the younger man.

My family of course did not all see it from my point of view and so the struggle begins..

As I had always loved writing I decided to keep a diary of my new found life and so the Blog was born. I was so relieved to find that I could have an amazing life (and some rather hot sex)  being an Older Single Woman that I could not keep my fingers off the keyboard and wanted to share my joy with the world. Although its not all been plain sailing I would not have missed any of it. Who needs one man when you can date ten.

After being on hundreds of dates and having managed to negotiate the wonders of the internet with some success I have become something of an expert in the field especially where age-gap relationships are concerned. I hope to reassure other older women out here that there is indeed life after divorce  whether you choose to date your own age group or not! Please don’t be afraid to try.

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to write to me with your comments or if you need advice

Happy Dating!






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