In 2003 an American TV Series was launched called Nip Tuck!  When it arrived in the UK to rave but shocking reviews I became an avid fan. It aired on a Sunday night and I can remember being all cosy on the sofa in my old marital home looking forward to it with great anticipation. The husband I loved and who I thought loved me tucked up in bed above my head watching sport to rest his never-ending back problems.

As the programme unfolded I drooled over it’s handsome lead Dr.Christian Troy and wished wistfully that I had sowed a few more wild oats when I had the chance, having shared my bed with a mere handful of lovers and married two of them. But being a one man woman and a faithful one at that I kept such thoughts to myself and held them as fantasies in my head.

It was such a shame that my husband laying or should I say lying above me did neither and preferred to sow his oats firmly in reality or more to the point in the woman who lived next door! Of course it was another five years later that I found out the truth! 

So Nip Tuck became part of my Sunday routine and besides drooling over Christian Troy’s many peachy assets I marvelled at the lengths women would go too not to look their age. Despite Nip Tuck being a fictional programme it reflected the coming of age of all things Plastic Surgery. I could not for the life of me understand any of it and would say to my friends what was the point of altering the outside when the inside of your body was ageing at the normal rate. It all seem pointless to me and while I did try and keep myself in reasonable shape (after all I was ten years older than my husband although with all his ailments he was like the older one) the thought of stabbing poison into my forehead or having a facelift seemed unthinkable!

Of course in my naivety I believed I was safe from all of that because I was in a loving marriage that despite many challenges remained strong and true. Little did I know what life was going to throw at me five years later!

So when I saw Nip Tuck was available to watch on Amazon I felt compelled to  watch it all over again. No longer did the need for youth seem strange to me. As the episodes rolled on Facelifts, Boob Jobs and Botox, I completely understood the need for it and I was caught tight in its web just like everyone else. The smug smile that I wore on my face all those years ago, complete with lines and crows feet! had been firmly removed with some Filler! some Botox! and a Chemical peel!.

As the years took their toll and the revelations of my marriage unfolded to rock my confidence in men and my ability to hang on to one it was no surprise that I decided to reinvent myself. If I was going to be abandoned in my fifties I was going to damn well give it a run for it’s money… and so my rejuvenation began.

It started with the gym and dieting, then hair extensions nails and a spray tan. The face was next false eyelashes and new make up. For a few years this was enough. But as my dates got younger I was drawn into wanting more. A bit of Botox to smooth out the lines a bit of Filler to plump up the lips.

AlthoughI felt I was always competing with the younger model it was in fact the complete opposite. The younger men I dated revelled in the fact I was the older woman. They didn’t notice the odd wrinkle or the odd roll of fat. They were excited by my sexual confidence and I lapped up their adoration like a cat with a saucer of milk.  I had reinvented myself in more ways than I could imagine and by god I was loving it. But the upkeep was endless and still is.

It amuses me when I have conversations with other women my age in their cosy marriages who roll their eyes and say “Oh Botox Really? I don’t know how you could”. I always think to myself if I can then so can you giving the right circumstances. The way things are heading Botox and Filler will be no different than getting your hair done.

There is no sin in looking as good as you can for your age and if you can saw off a few years then what’s the harm? These days there are more ways to skin a cat and there are so many therapies and treatment on offer that you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife. Which ever way you look at it you never feel as old on the inside as you look on the outside. So cut yourself some slack if you decide to have a bit of a Nip and a Tuck! Your body your choice!  But don’t forget it’s a youthful attitude that counts the most not just looking younger. Don’t let your age define who you are or how you act.

Of course you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve been stuck in a wind tunnel for too long!  so for the best advice I can highly recommend and for your local beauty needs

And if you want some light entertainment give Nip Tuck a watch Christian Troy’s pick up lines are priceless and his backside hasn’t aged a bit!






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