She had hardly slept all night, and now she was late for work! Showering quickly she threw on some underwear but couldn’t resist admiring herself in the mirror. The lacy lingerie looked sumptuous on her newly sculpted body. Who would have thought that at forty one, fat frumpy Phillipa could look this good! She ran her hands up and down herself ending with her breasts and felt it again, that hot excited flush that started between her thighs and flowed upwards hitting her brain like an alarm bell. It was the stirrings of strong pulsating sexual desire. Jesus! The exercising and dieting had had a rather unexpected side effect and frankly she didn’t know what to do with it. Memories of the Christmas party flooded in and raced through her mind like a fast forwarding video. She mentally pressed the pause button telling herself to get a grip. At least her new body image had renewed Richard’s interest but not quite enough to leave his wife of course. Frowning at that thought, Phillipa got dressed at record speed and hurried out onto the busy street and deciding there wasnt time for a the tube she hailed a black cab. The cabby was in a chatty mood and was regaling her with tales of his last passenger.  His words became blurred and distorted in her head as her mind was already over crowded and  pre-occupied. In fact she wished he would  shut up!. At least  he negotiated the traffic with expert knowledge and speed and got her to the office in record time. Throwing a five pound note in his direction she stepped out onto the street and hurried into the tall glass building that towered above the London skyline. Richard had an important meeting at 10 am with the whole board of Revolution Industries PLC. They were gathering like vultures waiting for their prey to die. Pressing the button for the lift  four times in quick succession she was relieved when the the doors  and it was empty. Thank you god! She really couldn’t deal with seeing him today. It was his fault she hadn’t slept! The lift stopped abruptly at the 3rd floor and there he was, Oh Crap! He stepped in grinning broadly filling the whole lift with the smell of his aftershave .She recognized it immediately and began to feel queasy, the familiarity having evoked pictures of that night. Having drunk far too much and with Richard as usual, leaving early to get home they had argued. Just for once she would have liked him to put her first and with tears of frustration forming in her eyes she stumbled out of the room and into the one next door expecting to find it empty. Sprawled on the couch in front of her was Roberta from marketing.  She couldn’t see all of her face but she recognized the bright red sequined shoes that were flayed each side of a pair of broad shoulders wearing a pale pink shirt and attached to the back of a blonde head that was obscuring her view.  She was trying hard to focus through her befuddled champagne eyes and there wasn’t much light, just a magical glow coming from the Christmas tree that stood illuminated in the corner. Lowering her gaze she watched in awe as a pair of taut muscular buttocks moved up and down rhythmically in front of her. It was compelling viewing and they were so lost in the moment they had not heard her come in. She stood mesmerized. As if coming from a distance she suddenly became aware of their breathless voices “Yes Jake…harder please harder” Jake appeared to redouble his efforts and began thrusting more “Is it good baby? Can you feel my baby? “Yes yes I’m coming The whole room was suddenly filled with groaning, as they both reached orgasm in a wondrously explosive union. Feeling like the worst sort of peeping Tom, Phillipa started to back out of the room reaching out behind her hoping to feel the door knob. Her bag fell clattering to the floor. Roberta’s head popped out from behind the pink clad shoulders and she screamed..Jake leapt up and almost fell over as his trousers that were still securing his ankles. “Oh Fuck” he said as he swung round looking intently at Phillipa. Roberta started tugging at her dress to cover her exposed flesh and was hunting for her knickers. Jake bent forward picking them up off the floor and swinging them on the end of his finger he offered them too her with a wry smile. She glared at him and them grabbing them she stumbled past hissing “hope you enjoyed the view” and left slamming the door. The word sorry had formed on Phillipa’s lips but didn’t actually make it out into the air. The Jake person was now smiling broadly at her and sauntering in her direction. “Do you enjoy watching? He muttered Phillipa isn’t it? You work for the CEO don’t you? Or do you prefer to take part? Did you want some too? ” . He was so close to her face she could feel his breath on her cheek. She stood transfixed to the spot unable to speak or answer. He ran his finger down her cheek and then dropping his hand down he stroked her thigh from her knee to the top stopping just short of her knicker line. He fingered the lace edge of her panties slowly as if deciding whether to slip further in. Phillipa was breathless as she felt a rush of desire surge between her legs and before she could react he put his other arm around her waist pulling her close and kissed her with such force that she couldn’t breathe. His tongue flicked inside her mouth and the smell of his after shave filled her nostrils. All her senses seemed to be exploding within her. Without warning he let her go just as quickly and then whispering in her ear “maybe another time” he quietly left the room. And now here he was again and before she could focus he leant in whispering softly “I love older women, so anytime you’re ready” She blushed as he turned walking out of the lift and giving her the full view of his peachy backside for the second time. The doors shut as she tried hard to compose herself. God he such an effect on her and with her imagination running wild she realised that she was actually considering his proposition. The lift reached her floor and there was Richard running his fingers through his greying hair.( to be continued….)


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