I started the week full of anticipation and hope. After all the sadness I was trying to get back to some semblance of normality..well normal for me! So having been lucky enough to have a full diary I was looking forward to some dates. With my experience of the younger man and their perchance for flakeyness,  I had anticipated that as usual when their ardour was up they were as keen as mustard to get within touching distance but if they were unable to fulfil their desires instantly a date in diary some distance away could prove problematical..

Men in general get waylaid easily on their way to a date. Even if the date could end in a night full of sexual promise. Their team may be playing! A night out with the boys may beckon ! Work could keep them late! Transport could fail! And heaven forbid that they should be feeling under the weather..at this point they revert to little boy mode and need to be in bed (and not in a good way!)  No chance of a couple  of paracetamol and a maning up attitude, I mean after all they are not women:). So bearing all this in mind I had three dates lined up..yes three! . I was anticipating that at least one would fall by the wayside. So sure of this was I that I even had two booked in for the same night. Yes I know..shocking but I have been known to manage three dates in one twenty-four  hour period.BUS 4 When you embark on dating younger men you need nerves of steel, a thick skin, and the patience of a saint. I mean some nice underwear and a pelvic floor of epic strength also helps of course.  So when the first date sent me a text saying he had to reschedule RESHEDULE !! ??  What was I a dentist appointment ?. I could have sworn there was more pleasure than pain last time we met.  I was not surprised. His typical curt text devoid of kisses and endearments was typical and I answered with a simple ok. Next!! BUS 5 This was followed by date two a chef..telling me that his sous chef had gone sick so he couldn’t have his day off as planned. So no hot dishes for me tonight! As this would have been our first date he will be given another chance. I usually have a two strikes and your out policy. It’s the only way to stay sane!! So that left date three …we had already had a few very pleasant encounters and things were warming up nicely.

So when he said he was running late with work issues I wasn’t concerned. But as time ticked by and no reassuring texts arrived in my in box telling me he was enroute I knew on instinct that the next text was going to be the sorry can’t make it blah blah blah. It pings into my phone five minutes later. However on this occasion I believe the reasons and as he dresses it up with soft words in order to let me down gently, I smile reminding myself that there is always another day and another date. So whipping off my sexy underwear and my eyelashes I climb into my onsie and resign myself to a night on the sofa..I really have been “Home Alone Joan” this week.. and the moral of the story is that even when you have been waiting ages men unlike buses do NOT come along, they just cancel one after the other! BUS 3i


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