So my week was full to the brim with events and things to do. My mind was whirring round and round and I wrote a list and then lost it immediately. I love being busy but sometimes ..just sometimes it all gets a bit much even for me.
I had my nose stuck permanently in number two of the “Fifty” books which I was enjoying more than the first one although the new annoying word was now “Whoa” and she had progressed the “oh my” to “Oh fucking my” and I swear if she bites lip anymore it will fall off.

I find Mr Grey’s boy scout attitude to condoms verging on the ridiculous. I mean I know and you know ladies that men hate wearing the bloody things and with all this passion flying about its amazing how he always stops and puts one on. He seems to produce them all over the place even when he is already naked. Bloody amazing he must be. I have spent most of my sexual freedom years insisting that they are worn and more often than not producing them myself. Always exceptions to the rule of course and a must have if you are not exclusive in your partnerships, but in this sort of relationship nah!

I was still trying to pin the men down. The two potential  lunch dates for the TV show where still dancing about. One was genuinely busy and the other just evasive. But with the producer insisting I did my best to pin the boys down. Mr Evasive was very strong on sexual innuendos but not so good at making arrangements. Having cancelled and rearranged once he finally agreed a day but I wasnt convinced. Sure enough he bottled it ducking out of the programme on the grounds of some disclosure problem. I wasnt surprised and nothing added up. Ironically he still wanted to see me though and was very miffed that I didn’t jump at the chance. No filming no point!. Mr genuine went flakey siting too much work. Ah I was dateless again. He too wanted to see me but not for the filming honestly! give me strength !.

The other one I was trying to pin down and literally this time was Irish. I suddenly found myself with house to myself for two-weeks as giant son was staying at his GFs whilst her parents went away. Bloody hell it has never been known me with a two-week window of opportunity. So full of excitement and strong cider on an empty stomach I text him full of hope imagining lots of delicious sex filled nights. He replied but was also being evasive about when but said he really wanted to. Not really seeing that I asked him why ? when ? and then said how much I was looking forward to him Grrr…drink the wine and let your fingers do the talking!!!. I virtually pestered daughter who was aware that I was rather pissed (family Barby) tried to restrain my hand but of course I took no notice and sent more texts.

I woke up feeling really sick and trying to focus I reached for the phone and my heart sank as I read through the texts one by one!! bloody hell. I sounded like a desperate housewife!! Bollocks! I left it till lunchtime and then wrote a text explaining my drunken fingers and having re-read it a number of times I pressed send. I had a terrible hangover and Monday was a struggle and with people letting us down at work,my car playing up and my hoover going bang I was in a foul mood.

I went to bed early with Mr Grey and my netbook. I still had no TV but Sky were coming this week now that the trees were down. It occurred to me as I lay in it, that my large bed feels much emptier when I have the opportunity to fill it in and don’t. I mean there are those I could entice but should I.? Having reawakened my desire for all things Irish it was hard to settle for second best. I just couldn’t do it for the sake of it not these days. The only thing sharing my sheets when I woke up in the morning was my netbook, my phone and Mr Grey of course. I became acutely aware that I had not had a reply to my retraction text . He would fill the void in more ways than one. But refusing to do any more damage I kept my fingers firmly under control.

I decided Tuesday morning that the best thing I could do to work off my frustrations was some exercise so off for a run I went. Always puts me in a much better mood and I came back full of endorphins and ready for the day. Work had slowed a pace so I was back on the phones trying to drum up some business. The other pre-occupation was awaiting the arrival of the fascinators for our Ascot adventure. We were running out of time and ideas.
Emily from the tv company kept ringing as we tried to sort out further filming and what to do about the “Toyboy” situation. By Wednesday both fascinators had come along with our pac-o-macs . The weather forecast was not looking promising for Friday. But nothing we could do just have to put up the brollys and get on with it. My car was worrying me so much I decided to book it into the garage. Lets hope its nothing major although the message “Check Gearbox” does not fill me with hope. I wont drive it again until it’s sorted I just get too anxious.

Wednesday evening took its usual form with my GFs and a takeaway and we discussed the ups and downs of the week all of us with problems of one sort or another. Josephine’s portrait of Amy Winehouse that is hanging in the Royal Academy of Art was a better topic and we are going to make a pilgrimage to see it in July.

Thursday came and with it my Sky dish at last I will be able to watch Game of Thrones. A trip to Laurels (beauty Salon ) always fun to get my nails painted and chat with the girls and have a glass of wine. I told my friend Kriselda about my desperate housewives texting and she laughed saying we have all done it when under the influence. “wotever you do “she said “delete his number from your phone before tomorrow. You know you will text him when the champagne starts flowing at Ascot” I know she is right and I do as she says writing the number down in a safe place. My text to him was still unanswered.

With my bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge .I go to bed excited as always the night before Ascot. But I sleep well in my big empty bed. I get up at 6 am, getting ready theses days seems to take forever. Laura arrives followed by Kate, Michelle,Margo and Olivia. The other three we are meeting at Waterloo..The first Champagne cork pops..let the fun commence…


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