Some of my mates and I have been meeting for dinner on a weekly basis for many years..usually a Wednesday. We have seen each other through the trials and tribulations of Life.. reminiscent of a London version of ‘Sex and The City’ but without the Jimmy Choo’s ! Although there has been some very expensive Handbags in the mix! As birthdays come and go along with husbands and  loved ones ..still we meet. So I felt the need to memorialise the group with some poetry and here it is!


Age is just a number, but who could guess

That the Wednesday Club would survive the rest

Through thick and thin…We have dug in…

To Italian, Indian, Greek and Fish

As long as it was a tasty dish

The food though good… was not the thing

We were all too busy Bonding!

With wine in hand the years have past

Too many to count but the dye was cast

Friends that count! friends that matter!

If only others could hear the chatter

Discussions that would turn many a head

Sometimes too drunk to remember what was said.

But together we put the world to rights

And even threw in the occasional fight!

It’s an honour to have friends like you

Stuck together like superglue.

Friends to rely on more precious than gold

Even if we are all getting fucking old!!

So while we live to fight another day

Friends forever is what I say!

Love you all long time XXX

norfolk 2


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