I always wait with bated breath and anticipation when I sign up for media work. You try very hard to make sure that the message you are trying to get across is loud and clear! But as you sign your life away you know full well unless you are an idiot!  that where the media is concerned the truth is a vague shape-twister  and rather like Chinese Whispers can be manipulated into something that barely resembles the original truth.

But if you want to sell books and enjoy being in the public eye then it is the price you pay and you just have to take it on the chins. So my recent video and story goes live on you tube and before you know it I am in every paper dubbed the Tinder Gran!! Not overly happy with the handle Gran but I am indeed the proud Gran of three gorgeous grandchildren who call me Nanny Gaynor a much more likeable term.My poor male friend’s who get caught in the photograph’s are immediately under suspicion of cheating on the their girlfriend’s  when in fact none of them are even into older woman and the real toyboys that I date are nowhere to be seen. But at least we know what the truth is.

Then my 100 dates get turned into 100 casual sex partners..groan. What do they think I am? The Bionic Woman!!  You ask them to remove this number pulling headline and they do but the original thread remains, as it is posted and shared around the world. God help me! Then the trolls start ! These very sad individuals just love to be as rude crude and insulting as possible. They clearly have nothing better to do. I always read a couple and then resolutely log out!. They are all convinced that everything you read in the paper is true word for word! Doh! Either way they are clearly cowards hiding often behind faceless profiles.

On a positive note though, there are the comment champions ! These good people with fair and open minds who don’t judge a book by its cover., rally to your defense ! Supporting your life style choices! your dress sense and your wrinkles. They know you not!  but they will not stand by and let the vicious comments stand there undefended. I applaud them wholeheartedly.

I am used to batting off disapproval.Once I embarked on a less than conventional lifestyle I was besieged on all side with frowns tuts and sly glances. No one seemed  to disapprove of me when I was married even though behind closed doors I was dealing with infidelity and violence. But open and publicly live a life full to the brim with joy, sex and toyboys and watch the wind change direction. The ice cold blast can be felt felt for miles around.

But why? The answer is simple you are challenging their own  lifestyle choices. You make them take a long hard look at their own lives and wonder whether they have taken the right path. Not because you question or challenge theirs but just because yours seems so different and exciting!

There is no right or wrong way here just not the same. Vivre La difference! Live and let live! and embrace change. There is nothing more stifling than standing still.

One of the biggest reactions I have had since my Tinder Gran story went global are friend requests flooding in on Facebook. In the space of 24 hours I have had over 800 and still counting. These of course are mainly from young single guys curious about the Cougar Phenomenon! There are also a smattering of girls and then those guys in a relationship or married. I have no idea what they want to say or how they feel being my friend on Facebook is going to be to their advantage. Either way I won’t find out . I may if I have a time add some of the cuter ones! But at this rate I may need to employ a PA. By strange coincidence all of my pretty and attractive friends have also been swamped with friend requests. Such is the power of the Internet.

facebook friends requests

But hey I’m not complaining if you put yourself out there you have take what comes.with it! When I’m sitting in that rocking chair with a blanket over my knees and being spoon fed. I hope I can remember the term Tinder Gran and Toyboy and what a bloody good time I had. After all at some point memories are all we have left. I don’t know about you but I’m off to make some more good ones and I leave you with these words…

People say believe  half of what you see. Son and none of what you hear! 

(Marvin Gaye)


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