I always think that the end of a year heralds an opportunity for a fresh start, to think ahead look forward and for renewed hope! Of course some reflection on the passing year is inevitable and all part of the process and I like to have a few things I want to aim for.Looking back on the year I have had I am not too demoralised.  

I started 2011 with the usual resolutions…lose two stone..that would be the same two stone that existed in 2010 2009 2008  etc…and yet here I am the same weight.  Note to self must eat less…with this in mind I have downloaded a LOVELY picture to stick on my fridge from my last photo-shoot. This would be the one where I looked like Bette Davies in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane “?The photographer managed to get me from the front and side all at once!!  I know the camera is supposed to add a few pounds!! A few ?? I looked like a green beached whale with ringlets and don’t know how the man with the harpoon missed me Gross!. And before you ask No! I am not posting it up on here. But looking at that I wonder how I have the cheek to take my clothes off even in a flattering light.  Pitch black would be better and maybe a torch. I used to have a friend whose husband used to wear one in the bedroom.. oops no that would be for a completely different website.!

It’s a good job that I go to the gym to give everything a firm base on which to wobble.  The other thing to consider  at my age is that any real weight loss shows up on your face and sometimes you have to choose between being thinner and looking older or staying shall we say “well covered” and keeping a more youthful glow in the hamster cheeks.  Somewhere between the two would be a good idea. It’s always a question of balance. 

Naturally as always this time of year, the advertising machine swings into action and the month of January means we will be swamped with dieting advice.  Every TV show will offer you a solution and some Celeb will be telling you how he or she achieved the six-pack or washboard stomach. Weight watchers will offer you a free joining fee AGAIN and every single TV Host or anyone who had so much as one line to say in Eastenders will be promoting their Workout DVD. If youre rich you could have ready prepared meals all calorie counted delivered to your door or you could eat Special K three times a day until you turn into the cardboard box it comes in and flush yourself down the toilet. The choices are endless but the solution is always the same. You just have to eat less than the body burns up. Ooh doesnt that sound easy and if only it was.

  But I will like everyone else I know will be dieting myself into a bad mood very shortly.  I will let you know how I get on but I have a feeling that the fat ive got is rather fond of me and wont be giving up without a fight .

The next resolution was to get my book published but I  havent tried very hard since the summer when I was rejected by another agent (as the one I did have had given up after trying his best contacts.)  So I need a renewed effort on that front and will have to look at other avenues. But must keep trying.

My New Years Eve was a lot of fun although the first place we went to “Babble” which had given us such a good night some weeks ago was awful.  Having played £20 for a ticket we discovered that the age range had plummeted to embryonic and everyone seemed to be from the cast of ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” ( Or maybe they just werent full-grown yet! )  We had to queue for half and hour just to get our bloody coats back and judging by the people waiting behind me this was only going to get worse.

We legged it out into the rain and tried to hail a black cab to Leicester Square and back to the O’Neills pub where we had seen in 2011.  The first cab drive pointed out that it was all closed off so no joy! So back into the tube we went.  We had all worn high shoes and hadn’t intended to walk far but needs must.O’Neills was packed but we were allowed in providing we paid £15.00 EACH!  The place was heaving and as we went to the bar, we looked around and then at each other and went Yay! normal people!. We had a lively couple of hours and got talking to various lucky guys.

 The smoking area at the very top is always popular and wanting to liven up my night I did some impromptu kissing with a nice guy of dubious origin that had chatted me up!.After seeing in the new year and losing the others (the kissing had taken a fair bit of time) We spilled back out onto the street to find our way home .  London was awash with people and Policeman but it was all very good-natured. 

A fine rain was coming down and our feet were now in a lot of pain. Unable to stand it anymore I took my shoes off and carried them.  It wasnt the best of ideas to be walking in only stocking feet around London, but the feeling of the cold pavement on my poor throbbing feet was heaven. (Well until I trod on some glass) I realised by now that the last pint of Guinness (I was in an Irish Pub) I had sunk was sloshing around a bit too much in my stomach and the feeling of nausea was rising.

As we went down into the underground the people coming up all cheered and we cheered back…you have to love the atmosphere in town on NYE.  We managed to get seats on the tube and before long I was asleep..well passed out. In the meantime the girls took pictures of me , double chin and everything and my very blackened feet! and posted on FB that I was “Rat Arsed”..nice.

I woke up as we pulled into Oakwood and was feeling really sick. There was a bit of a wait for a cab and I spent that time heaving very quietly and swallowing hard over in a corner determined not to chuck! As soon as we got back to the flat the other two went foraging for food and I went to inspect Kate’s toilet at close quarters!

We had a nice chilled New Years day.  I slept in until midday and then had a bacon and egg sandwich, extracted the glass from my foot and spent an hour or so at my Neices for “Poesies” first birthday.  This was folowed by Beef Stew and dumplings with the girls. Jack opted to eat upstairs and the rest of us sat around the table like part of a female commune.  Laura Kate Olivia Amanda and Me Estelle and of course Matilda. The only male present was little Isaac.

 Lets hope that by next New Years Eve some or all of us may have a man in tow. We then flopped in front of my new TV under blankets with bags of sweets to watch the In-Betweeners movie.  Friendship gives us all hope as we embrace 2012 whatever comes our way…..Happy New Year Everyone X


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