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The last few weeks have been a mixture of dark and light..good and bad..damn right depressing and Absolutely Fabulous!!. It’ hard sometime to stay focussed and level when you are dealing with a constantly changing landscape. As always I flit from one thing to another like a butterfly looking for some delicious nectar to sample.

The family although always demanding are in good health and going in the right direction. I had the pleasure of taking Matilda to a photo shoot which she enjoyed and I am looking forward to the publication when it eventually comes out.  My eldest son’s new venture seems to be going well and we had the gingerbirds’ birthday celebrations.  A drunken night out and a lovely dinner at home with friends.

The only family member causing concern is of course my mum. Now in her 93rd year and as cantankerous as ever she will not be told..she will not listen and is constantly doing her own thing which usually means she is in danger of putting herself in harm’s way. But as we are constantly being told by the doctors she has Capacity the watch word for being in charge of her own life. So we just have to wait for the accidents and pick up the pieces as and when. In the meantime I run the gauntlet between her and the carers that she insists she doesn’t need every time a bill comes in. As I have said many times getting old sucks!! and watching someone fade before your very eyes is very hard indeed.. that is until she berates me for being late when I’m early.. asks my sister how many men she’s had sex with and talks about my late brother in saint like terms.  I usually resort to biting on something hard. (No pun intended)

Interestingly enough she was always been a tea totaller and would lecturer everyone who liked a drink.  Of late though I seem to be buying her regular bottles of Brandy which she puts in her tea.  She tells me she loves the taste..ah yeah that old chestnut.  I think finally at 93 she understands the feel good factor associated with the demon drink.  But if you can’t have the comfort of the odd Brandy or too at 93 then you might as well give up!.

Work has been a struggle with my BT issues continuing and candidates being flakey. I have adopted the local coffee shop as a place for meeting my candidates and that seems to be working ok. Business is rolling in though so Amen to that!. Now all I need is to get some money to follow!./p>

On the personal front it’s been pretty quiet I had a couple of dates recently both in London Town. The first one was pleasant enough but I wasnt feeling much chemistry and when I mentioned that my mum was cantankerous he looked at me really intensely and said  Im so sorry is it serious  ? …Next!.

Date two was of the Irish variety and as you know I am rather partial. The original Irishman had been somewhat lax in his contact and from  what  I had gleaned not in  a very good place.  Well nothing I could do to sooth his fevered brow from here so despite promising to call it would seem he has evaporated into the ether.  This has happened many times before so I will just have to see if he materialises at a later date..sigh.

My new Irishman was a completely different animal. Dynamic and sure of himself gorgeous and with the sexy irish accent that  makes my toes curl  However he was difficult to read. Date one was lively and ended on quite a steamy note. Date two is looming and I am keeping everything crossed…well nearly everything:).So although having a few low moments and not getting enough time to tend to my new website  and work on book two (Although I have made some progress). I am feeling quite optimistic.

My optimism has been fuelled by the booking of a few days away to my favourite place Puerto Banus at the end of May. Bring on the sunshine. Then there is Ascot Races on the horizon and this year I do not intend to be in the medical tent all afternoon. Just to make up for last year I am in fact going twice!. Let the search for  outfits commence.!

Finally I am trying to diet and have embarked on Dr. Seigals Cookie Diet and I am being monitored monthly There is a definite improvement but with my alcohol driven social life it can be hard. But I am sticking with it. Sometimes I am so hungry I could eat my own arm. Today has not been the best and I succumbed to a sandwich and am off out for a few Gins .’sorry’ Dr.Seigal I will do better..promise.

Happy long weekend one and all.. over and out! Oh and if you get time read my book Sex and The Signposts available on Amazon or via my website 🙂

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