I’m sitting here writing after another night of broken sleep.  Friday night I was woken twice by the giant I live with.  He had been for a boozy night out with his mates ( a not very often occurence) and came crashing through the front door banging it shut loudly and falling up the stairs.  Then of course there was the constant use of the toilet. Strange twist as its usually the other way round ha!. My phone then went off at three times in succession in the early hours.  I ignored it , it was Flakey! obviously in need of some phone sex.  Shame he hadn’t called earlier when I may well have obliged. Its been a while since we exchanged our nocturnal fantasies and to date we have still not done the deed for real!.

Then there was some drama in the garden yesterday.  Jack’s girlfriend Pam had spotted a fox in  the garden , quite unusual during daylight hours.  After watching her for sometime it became apparent she was dragging something foxacross the grass.  We crept out and the fox scarpered leaving its prey.  Except it wasn’t prey it was fox cub.  Quite a few months old and stone dead.  The mother was trying to hide it somewhere. It seemed a very sad act.  I’m not a lover of foxes, they are messy smelly creatures who make too much noise and litter the garden.  As I observed this poor creäture , perfectly formed lying there I couldn’t help but feel sorry for it and the mother.  Judging by the way it looked I am guessing it had been poisoned.

Checking that the baby was definitely not breathing we went inside.  I was not sure what we should do with the dead fox.  An hour later Pamela came rushing down to say that the fox was back.  She appeared to have taken off the dead cub before we spotted her.  She wasn’t alone trailing in her wake was another fox cub identical to the other but very much alive.  We all smiled glad that the mother still had a companion.

I wasn’t so pleased however when I was awoken in the night by the screaming and fighting of foxes outside by bedroom window.  This was followed by the cat trying to leave my bedroom (she had been sleeping under my bed) and my sons bed collapsing yet again! with a loud bang!  He has got through a number of beds they just don’t seem to make them strong enough for  big lads!.

I had had quite a week, the long weekend had started with a first date which was pleasant enough but I wasn’t sure there was enough chemistry..the jury was still out!.  A girls night  with lots of dancing ,drinking and mayhem to celebrate Olivia’s birthday.  The only local club in town is a bit seedy but the music is usually fab!  It was a shame that the men were out numbered at least 3 to 1. We left just before closing,  the birthday girl having fallen over more than once we decided to get her home.  But not before I decided to get a hot-dog from the burger van..why? why ?!girls night

Hangover not withstanding I set about house cleaning and grass mowing and then cooked dinner for the family including mother who is getting frailer by the week.  It’s hard to watch especially when there is nothing you can do but wait. But at least we managed to get her to eat a little and spend sometime with her favourite little people. Matilda stayed the night constantly waking me with her fidgeting and the morning was spent in bed eating toast “with that stuff Paddington eats please” drinking tea and watching Harry Potter.

matilda and isaac

Finally we went to watch the Camel racing at the local ground. The sun was shining the picnic was scrummy and the Henry Weston’s were long and cool The icing on the cake was a two hour long phone call from Ireland.  My favourite Irishman had lots to talk about and as usual the sound of his voice made my toes curl,my stomach churn and my desire rise.  I think the jury just came in.!camel

On Tuesday I did something I have never done before I went to the cinema on my own. Worried I might miss it I took myself off to see Star Trek  on the IMAX screen at the local cinema.  It was exciting and gripping the 3d making you feel as if you were taking part.  I have always been a Trekky and have to confess to owning a personally autographed photo of Data!. With Benedict Cumberbatch playing a starring role it was my idea of heaven.

On Wednesday I had a text from my local TB.  It was tentative and I knew why, I had ignored his last text.  He wanted to know if I would meet him for  ‘lunch’. Its amazing what you can get done in an hour :).  The girls came for dinner all except Jean who was away.  We had a lively couple of hours debating life as always. Jo also had some great news that another of her paintings had been accepted by The Royal Academy of Art for their summer exhibition.  She had the same success last year her picture of Amy Winehouse called ‘Rehab’ having adorned the walls at RAA all summer.  Of course we will be having a viewing followed by cocktails and dinner somewhere in Covent Garden. It’s the only way to go.

On Thursday I went for a visit to the fabulous Harley Street Skin.  I love my visits and always feel very well looked after.  I had a chat with Lesley about life in general and possible future treatments and the handsome and debonair Dr. Khan sorted out my wrinkles. Fabulous!!

harley streey


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