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As the gloomy month of January stretches out before me like a big black stain I have been laying off the alcohol and watching box sets of the splendid Downton (ITV) and when I needed a good laugh the hilarious Boston Legal!  (Fox TV).

They are quite a contrast the terribly proper Lady Mary getting proposed to at the drop of a hat and Denny Crane (alias William Shatner)dropping his trousers and copping a feel of any woman that happens to pass within touching distance.! My how things have changed.

During my TV fest I have been bombarded with advice about how to stay younger. There is even an advert telling the ageing population to ‘try something new’  ‘exercise’ ‘keep working’ . Talk about state the obvious!

Most chat shows have run a feature talking about ageing and how to give it a swerve! We are living longer and need to occupy both our minds and bodies in order to stay fit and well. I heard yesterday that 60 was the new 40 and 50 was the new 30.  Well amen to that!!.

You can’t buy a newspaper without a two page spread on what we should be swallowing in vitamins and the debate whether to have a glass of wine a day or not! just goes on and on. Today the Mail has found out that astonishingly Twiggy at the grand old age of 65 is the new face of L’oreal. They have already shocked the nation by previously giving the job to Andie MacDowell 56 and who could forget the fabulous Jane Fonda 77  who is definitely worth it! What ever she is swallowing I want some! the woman looks bloody marvellous!

I have my own recipe for staying as young as possible and that is by the company I keep. I don’t just mean the fit virile and very appetising men that I eat…I mean date . (who needs vitamins) but also my very wide circle of friends who ages range from 25 to 70.  I run the gauntlet between them all.  Changing my mind-set accordingly. I may enjoy a leisurely dinner with my peer group and then go out dancing and drinking with the younger ones or visa versa.

I sometimes astonish myself and those around me with my energetic lifestyle and when I crept in at 6.30 a.m recently I survived the day on one hours sleep.  It’s all about not giving in, pushing the boundaries and not being confined by what people expect my behaviour to be, as a mature woman. If opportunity presents I take a chance! If I want to wear those spandex jeans I do even if the word ‘mutton‘ is ringing in my head. Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing yourself and having the confidence not to care what others think is a learned behaviour and I have had plenty of practice. Thank god! I dont live in ‘Lady Mary’s’ era I would have been stoned and ostracized.

I am definitely more like a female version of  Denny Crane . So thank you  to the Media frenzy I will make notes on all your very good advice but I think my recipe is working and you may want to add Dating Younger men to your list of advice.  It certainly works for me.




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