Dear Toyboys

I love know that! I love spending time with you ! Dating you! Having sex with you! I know you dream of dating a Milf! a Cougar!  A Sexy Older Woman ! You fantasize about what we will be wearing..on top and underneath! How we will look naked and what our moves will be!

All these thoughts rushing about in your head create a very natural reaction!

You get excited you get aroused and to quote Bruno Mars you wake up the rocket! This is a good thing! It’s nice to know everything is in good working order.  And I know that your urge to have sex is  so overwhelming that you just don’t know what to do with the feelings!  as the blood rushes through your veins (and one in particular).You feel that if  you don’t conclude your business you will succumb to some terrible fate and die!.

I also know that you are quite able to help yourself at this point and probably do! Again all good and I sympathize with you that masturbation while fun is a lonely business and as the object of your current desire is far away you feel compelled to share your experience and the ‘magnificent creature‘ your manhood has transformed you reach for your phone and you take a great picture of it from the very best angle showing it off in all its glory!

You then feel you have absolutely no choice whatsoever other than to share this with the object of your desire! Even if you haven’t met her!  You may have her number you may not, But there is Instagram, TwitterFacebook and  Snapchat.  So many ways to reach out to her and show her what she is missing. So you do! you spend a bit of time putting a flattering filter on it and then you upload and press send!  The thought of her seeing your magnificent beast excites you even more.  I mean there is no way she can fail to appreciate everything you have to offer is there?. Well..actually there is!.

Let me enlighten you! It does not excite me! I can’t talk on behalf of all womankind  everyone to their own! . But I know that there are a lot of woman out there that feel like I do that an unsolicited ‘willy picture’ has the completely opposite effect! It turns me off! Stone cold ! and can even put me off my cornflakes!

I know that this is hard for you to comprehend so let me try and explain.

I don’t want to marry you or introduce you to my children but equally I don’t want a picture of your ‘dangly bits’ arriving on my phone when I least expect it! It’s really quite simple.

I don’t want to see it before I have:

Spent a little time with you.

Looked into your eyes and tried to work out what you are thinking.

Listened to the sound of your voice allowing it to wash over me in waves.

Heard you laugh and watch your face light up.

Watched the way you walk and how your body moves.

Seen your smile and how your lips form when you talk.

Kissed your mouth gently and then with passion.

Held you close and smelt your skin.

Run my fingers through your hair.

Felt that familiar tug of arousal growing in the pit of my stomach until I am consumed by it.

Then I want to see it!  Then you can show me! Then I’m yours for the taking!. 

Then once I have had the pleasure in person and got know every inch and if you ask and I say it’s ok then you can press send but then and only then!

Because if you press send too early the chances are that none of the above is ever going to happen !  You probably don’t care what I think and for a lot you the sending is all part of your routine it’s how you get off! But pause just for a minute.  Do you really want to be the guy who cares only about his own satisfaction. It is one of the downsides of the ‘dating app society’ that we now live in that we have almost forgotten how to engage physically with people

Sex is a two way thing and the very best sex is when two people mutually engage and are both equally aroused. When all of the senses are alight and the world slips away and you are just in the moment. It’s the best! You are never going to achieve that or get anywhere near the object of your desire if you make sending her a picture of your dick the very first thing you do! Even if it is truly magnificent!

Hope to speak to you soon!

love Gaynor xx




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