With my my Partner in crime Amanda turning the Big 50 we had lots of celebrations planned. First a big ‘fuck off’ fancy dress party 80’s style where we could all get our moves on and bring friends and family together! And then a few days later off to our favourite place in the world so far the Beautiful Belfast.

The Birthday Posse consisted of a grand total of 15 women aged from 40 to 75 , an amazing eclectic bunch of females all with different personalities and ideas! We flew in at various times accumulating in The Obel Tower overlooking the River Langan.

We were especially excited when our apartment turned out to on the 23rd floor with  ceiling to floor windows and views over Belfast from every angle. It would be just perfect for our Friday night ‘before we go out’  party!

Selecting our rooms after a bit of a debate I was given the room at the end with the ensuite. The Birthday Girl having decided to put me away from the others as I was the most likely to need the space and the privacy if I was lucky enough to get my hands on Irish.

It was about six months since Irish and I had spoken. After our lovely date in December when we had watched ‘Gremlins’ in the alleyway cinema and spent the night and morning comfortably wound around each other, there had been yet another goodbye! Messages flew back and forth for a bit and then as they always do tapered to zero!

I had said that we would be back in September and then left it at that. It was the only way to put out the fire which had,  as always, burned very brightly once reignited. The distances in more ways than one keeping us firmly apart.

As was my habit I text him a few days before our arrival letting him know we were coming and then once we arrived. As usual his reply took a long time coming. As the girls arrived we gathered for drinks and lunch followed by dinner and more drinks! We had planned the weekend within an inch of its life and had a packed schedule.

I checked my phone repeatedly and eventually I got a message this was followed by a phone call and as usually his lilting Irish accent had my stomach doing somersaults. He was going to try and get to the ‘before we go out party’  but had various things to do first .

As we all gathered in our apartment with the Champagne popping and music blaring he sent various messages giving me progress updates most of which I missed because I was using my phone for the tunes. Our friends Gavin and Brendon arrived and while I painted glitter on everyone’s face (including theirs) Andrea and Amanda carved up pizzas and opened bottles. We had a blast.

By the time we had reached ‘The Spaniard ‘ we were all merry and by the time we reached ‘The Dirty Onion’ we were all pissed as parrots. There was a live band rocking the place and we started the dancing off, standing in the front giving it large.

Irish arrived sometime later. He too was very drunk. I imagine the thought of meeting a posse of women that he had heard about over the years but never met was rather daunting. All of my girl friends were curious having heard nothing but the Irish name for years. They greeted him warmly with out exception and Amanda was very pleased to see him as they were firm friends.

It was hard to talk properly we held hands here and there and had the odd kiss but it was messy. I can’t remember much of what was said but it didn’t go well and we ended up separated. When I woke up the next morning with the hangover from hell and an 8 am roll call to get everyone up and on the coach trip I felt uncomfortable about the way things were left. So I sent him a text suggesting we spoke on the phone.

Off we went to see the Giants Causeway and walk the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge with me feeling so sick I had to sit at the front of the coach with the window open driving our poor driver William mad with my gasps and hanging on to the coach as if my life depended on it ! We had a fantastic time showing the newbies the joys of Northern Island and as we were winging our way back Irish replied saying a chat would be good.

After another one of our marathon conversations where we agreed that the night before we were both just too wasted to have a coherent conversation, we decided we would meet on the Sunday commitments keeping him at home that night. This left me free to enjoy dinner at the a Tapas ! Music at the Harp Bar! and dancing in Ollies! Another fantastic night in the warm arms of Belfast’s Hospitality.

Once back safely to the apartment feeling completely worn out but elated by such a great evening I threw off all my clothes and laid on top of the bed. My room also had floor to ceiling windows and as I lay there blinds open looking over the Belfast skyline and twinkling buildings I looked at the space in the bed next to me ! He should be here I thought, like he had been so many times before. With that thought firmly planted in my head I contentedly fell asleep.

The next morning as we were greeted with a rainbow over Belfast adding to the magic and hangovers so bad we could barely stand we made breakfast and endless cups of tea. As some of the girls were due to fly out we had various visitors and tales of the night before filled the room.

Irish and I had another conversation and agreed to meet for lunch. He gave me a time and knowing him as well as I do I added an hour. Sure enough he phoned to say he was running late…exactly at the time I had predicted he arrived and off I went across the square to the nearest pub! There was a gale blowing and driving rain my umbrella turned inside out several times and I arrived before him.

Getting myself a drink and settling myself on a familiar sofa I waited. He blew through the door all hair and smiles and we sat side by side the old familiarity rising between us along with the chemistry. I had to remind myself we were in a public place several times. He bought lunch and then after a few drinks a conversation with some lively New Zealanders who were having bets between themselves whether we were a couple or not?!! We walked back to the apartment.

My flat mates had gone back to bed for a siesta so the coast was clear but we had a table booked in a couple of hours ..the clock as always was ticking. Once he had admired the views from every single angle I lead him to my room. We were circling each other like two people who had had just met and are not sure what to do next. Then just like he did that very first time, he pulled me towards him and kissed me hard and with such passion that every light in my body switches to full beam.

The kissing felt familiar and new all at the same time. Reaching up I ran my fingers through his long hair pulling him in closer . With my shoes kicked off I find I have stand on my tiptoes, I had forgotten how tall he is. We are completely lost in the moment and It’s not long before we are on the bed naked and entwined. It would seem as always the bond remains and as I try hard not to scream out loud as he works his magic on my body and I on his I am reminded that we are not alone!

Having lost track of time I hear doors opening and closing. The girls are up! Luckily for us I hear the hairdryer go on which hopefully is helping to muffle my moans. Then it goes off again! damnation! Irish hands me a pillow grinning indicating that screaming into that might be better. I try but throw it off in frustration as the hairdryer goes on again. “Quick” he says ” we have a small window of opportunity”  Pushing me back  he works his way down,  kissing me all over. Just at the crucial moment the hairdryer goes off again! Too late now and biting my lip and grabbing his hair the deed was done. As darkness falls outside over the Belfast skyline I lay in his arms and we both look out of the window admiring the view and I think to myself rather smugly that thoughts do become things!

When we emerge from the bedroom rather sheepishly, Andrea tells me that she wasn’t drying her hair at all she just thought the noise would help drown me out and make me feel more relaxed ! Hairdryers the new Sexsessory!  I giggle with embarrassment and thank her for her consideration.

Realising that I have little time to get ready for our last supper at ‘Bert’s Jazz Bar’ I start pulling dresses out of the wardrobe and call Irish to help me! He zips me in and out of two and as I pose for him in both asking for his opinion he grins and says they both look Grand! Deciding on one I start reapplying make-up as the girls shout to me from the hallway that they will see me there.

So we are alone again but there is no time..I can’t let the other girls down and am already running late. I gather everything I need and then we jump in the lift descending the 23 floors kissing here and there . Holding hands we cross the road and chattering madly we we walk straight passed the place. Wandering back we hide around the corner kissing again and then he is gone disappearing into the night. As I watch him go, his distinctive long stride taking him away across the road! I realise that this is yet another goodbye! There have been so many.

Smoothing my dress down and checking my lipstick I plant a smile on my face.   Then marching through the door with purpose I sit down and order a very large gin and tonic!


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