Day one of the Christmas madness begins today and I love it!! You wont get a Bah Humbug! from me even though I am exceedingly fond of the Dickens story and insist on watching it at least once in December.

I love everything about Christmas. The over-eating..the over drinking ..the over dressing and the over spending.  I still see Christmas through childlike eyes and am not ashamed of the fact.  Life for the rest of the year is hard enough constrained by routine and hard work and stress.   Christmas is an excuse to let your hair down, spend time with family and friends and just relax.  But before we get to that bit you have to wear yourself out with shopping,cooking,drinking and partying.

Traditions have to be upheld..cakes have to be baked, decorations resurrected,the dress for the office party is purchased and lovingly matched to glitzy heels and shiny bags, diaries are flourished regularly until nearly every week is chocablock with social gatherings.

Today I am off to London..the first Thursday of December has long  been an annual pilgrimage for me.  My sister and two of my friends are antique dealers and have showcases in Grays Antique Market just off Bond Street. Every year they have an xmas party and hope to attract new customers. They offer free bubbly and the dealers provide food.  It’s usually fun and although it doesn’t start until 5pm we usually go early to do Christmas shopping enjoying the sights and sounds of the west end during the festive season.

Of course we may enjoy the odd glass or two in the pub during the day and a spot of lunch.  Our usual haunt “The Hog and Pound” has sadly been demolished so we will have to find a new pub to grace with our presence today.  Last year there was more drinking than shopping and the gingerbird and I ended up having a fun-filled evening in the city as a night-cap.

Our numbers are somewhat diminished today for various reasons so it will just be Tina, Trudy,Kate and I.  With my sister (Glenda) bringing up the rear later . As I will need lots of stamina for the impending celebrations I am off to the gym shortly.  Nothing like a bit of exercise to rev up my engine.  I also have possession of the flat for a couple of days next week and am hoping to indulge my other guilty pleasures so need to keep my engine well oiled..if you pardon the pun!

Let the celebrations commence…and I will be  blogging daily with updates so watch this space…


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