December is always so busy I barely have time to think about dating. The weeks and days get filled with Christmas events and planning the day. When I’m not cooking I’m shopping! When I’m not shopping I’m wrapping ! When I’m not wrapping I’m drinking ! When I’m not drinking I’m dancing!

My diary gets filled with celebratory dinners and parties and I rush around until I am exhausted.  But I’m not complaining I love it all.  This year was going to be even more of a challenge as Amanda and I had thrown a long weekend to Belfast in the mix . Being away for three days the week before Christmas was certainly going to be a challenge.

But before December came I did hear from my missing Toyboy.  The one from my previous blog that had left me ‘ghosted’  He was full of reasons why he had been absent and then he sent me flowers by way of an apology. Ah!. I have to confess that I am a sucker for flowers and the card that came with them convinced me that he deserved another chance.

So we arranged a date and as luck would have it I had the house to myself for the whole night!  a rare occurrence indeed.! We had a lovely evening where he explained that he was going travelling for the whole of December and starting a new job in January so wouldn’t be around for a while. This suited me of course.  With my diary bulging with dates and events and some filming to do with Channel 5 I would not have had time to squeeze him in.

When he arrived he handed me a box of chocolates! Another nice gesture. As I thanked him kissing him on the cheek I was transported back to the last time I had received a box of chocolates from a Toyboy.  As all things Irish flooded into my brain I winced. It was nearly a year ago that Irish had turned up clutching chocolates under one arm and his reasonable explanation for our sex-less date under the other.  Doing my best to push all thoughts of that painful night from my mind I poured myself a very large drink!

I was already in a dilemma regarding our up and coming trip to Belfast.  Should I ? as I had promised let him know when I was there. We had had no communication over the preceding eleven months,  as I knew he was dating someone else (as had I).  I was trying to let him get on with it. But to say I was desperate to know how he was would be an understatement.

I did not want to spend my trip constantly checking my phone and hoping for a reply. In the end I decided to give him advance warning and sent him a jolly text updating him on my life and dropping into the conversation that Amanda and I would be in his backyard in December.  I thought that if I got no reply by the time I went then I could brace myself for the inevitable rebuff and not let it spoil my trip! Yep who was I kidding ?. 

Three weeks pass and my phone remains silent.  The problem is in these situations us girls tend to fill in the gaps.  When we get no information or answers we make up our own. He must have lost his phone! My number! His voice! He is madly in love with his new GF! He has got married and wants to forget I ever existed! He is sick! Emigrated to Australia! Joined the Foreign Legion!  The list goes on and on.

I am sure guys don’t pontificate like us girls do. They usually text more than once and can’t quite believe we have had the audacity not to reply. The texts usually get more demanding but they waste very little time wondering what could possibly have prevented us from replying instantly to their words. After all this is them we are talking about.

With the large glass of wine whooshing to my rescue I manage to get my mind  back to the date in hand. He really was a very sweet guy and as we fell into bed I found myself suitably distracted.

The following day I was out with some of my favourite girlfriends enjoying the ‘Annual Christmas Jolly Girl’s Outing to London’. This well established routine started out as a shopping trip many years ago and quickly turned into a “Fuck the Shopping! lets get drunk! “ event.  London always looks spectacular this time of year and was rammed to the rafters with shoppers and revelers.  We had the film crew in tow,  who were keen to get our antics on camera.  Right in the middle of filming an interview my phone goes ding! As I try and focus on the next question I glance down to see who wants me.  I inadvertently gasp...OMG! he has replied! …


jolly girls outing xmas 2016

Jolly Girls Outing 2016


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