As we ventured out into the night and from one venue to another my mood lifted. Although certain passages from the letter kept popping into my head I was able with the help of the music to mentally erase them.  That and the  six gin and tonics and three sambukas of course. By the time Chesney Hawkes arrived on stage we were rocking.

Chesney is a legend at Butlins and his music may be a bit cheesy but he can sing does some great covers and gets the crowd moving. I still have a picture in my head of him singing his heart out hobbling up and down the stage with a was priceless. He had taken part in Skating on Ice and broke his leg and like the trooper he is there he was performing and driving the crowd into a frenzy as he finishes with “I am The One and Only”  and I really think..perhaps he is.

Some of the campers were in fancy dress already (Were saving ours for the Saturday night) At one point we were surrounded by six  Keith Lemons !!. They were funny and we spent sometime chatting to them taking various snaps and sticking there moustaches back on for them. The taller one was getting on my nerves a bit. He seemed to think that our new-found friendship meant that he could run his hands all over me during Cheney’s songs!!. I moved out of the way once and he moved with me. As he wasnt  “Bang Tidy”   and I didn’t remotely fancy him I was glad when we went onto to “Reds” although with his spaghetti arms I’m surprised he couldn’t still reach me!.

The music more contemporary really had me moving and although I attracted the attention of a number of guys they all seemed to be rather on the short side.  Thats the trouble when you are tall already put me in some shoes and I look the size of an oak tree and tower above most guys.  Not that it puts them off of course they rather like being level with my cleavage.

But I had a great time and my mood lifted I was unwinding slowly and although my mind wandered back to the letter the words were now blurred.  So after some hours of complete escapism my feet got the better of me and I realised that I was really tired.  The others were still in full swing so I left them to their fun and went back to the hotel.

I slept well and woke with a hangover and excruciatingly painful feet.  When I looked over Jo was in the bed next to me although I hadn’t notice her come in. Laying in the bed enjoying the fact that  didn’t have to get up and rush anywhere was bliss.

We gathered for breakfast had the usual post-mortem on the evening and ate to full capacity and then as we walked slowly back we debated what to do next.  On these weekends we normally go swimming, hit the arcades, go for a walk on the front.. but not this time.  We crawled back into bed and there we stayed until 5 pm when we roused ourselves very slowly.

We were excited about getting dressed up in our outfits and chattering madly about how we were going to do our hair and make-up we went off for pizza . Best to line the stomach before the serious drinking begins.

I love the girlie bonding that goes on during the getting ready process.  The music goes the clothes come out and then  go away again. Michelle wanders in from the other room in odd shoes asking which looks best.  Make up gets applied and all you can hear is hair driers and the ping of straighteners letting you know they are ready for use.  “The getting ready wine” is of course opened and in this case we had Champagne on the go.

Olivia is busy combing through her hair pieces. You always know when Olivia is still with you after a night out.  There will be a mane of blond hair draped over the back of a chair..always make me smile. I of course have the permanent sort bonded into my head although they have been known to slip onto an unsuspecting pillow just at the wrong moment.  I always get nervous when the lucky guy you are bestowing your favours on feels the urge to pull at your hair during a moment of passion.  I have this dread that the  hair pulling will get out of hand and my expensive and carefully tended extensions with come away in clumps and scare the unsuspecting TB to death thinking he has maimed me for life. That would be a real passion killer.

As we don our Red Virgin Crew outfits there is knock at the door..standing before me is a large person in a dress holding a hairclip and asking me is I could possibly help him secure his wig.  Giggling loudly and with no hesitation I attempt to make sure his wig stays put. He is with the guys next door and they are supposed to be “The Spice Girls” He looks very funny and is very grateful for the help and the opportunity to look down our cleavage. He leaves and five minutes later “Sporty Spice ” is in the door way needing similar help! It could only happen at Butlins but is all part of the fun.

Eventually we are ready and walking in unison we head off down the stairs. We get a lot of attention not surprisingly (We are all legs and boobs) We dance madly and get chatted up a lot but I’m still looking for someone who lights my fire.  Suddenly a group walk by and I spot someone who hits the spot. Lots of dark curly hair..huge blue eyes and big smile.  I’m feeling exceedingly merry and very bold and as I catch his eye I indicate that a closer look would be good.  He hesitates and I grin at him broadly and he comes back.  The girls are laughing and watching to see what I will do. Blue eyes and I exchange some conversation but most of the communication is being done with our eyes in a matters of minutes we are talking with our mouths. Oh wow! The letter is now torn to shreds and in the bin..

We exchange numbers and discuss meeting later and get back to our own friends.  We have a brilliant evening just fooling around dancing singing and having fun.  All the stresses of the last few weeks fall away and I feel totally reloaded…

As for Blue eyes he texts me later and we manage to find each other again…the rest is as they say is for me to know and you to imagine .But thanks Butlin’s for another “Big” weekend..:)


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