My week started in the most spectacular way when my son phoned me to say that his wife was in labour. Right on the day she was due their daughter decided to put in an appearance and they were already at the hospital. I had worried that with the snow and the fact they live in a semi rural place they would not make it to the hospital in time so I breathed a sigh of relief at least they were in the best place.

I started mumbling apologies about being unable to be there, with my morbid fear of driving anywhere new and the ice and snow the chances of me and the cougar mobile even getting remotely in delivering distance was unlikely. He said not to worry but I knew how anxious he would be . I had the honour of being at the birth of their son two years ago and was very involved in seeing Isaac into the world . With my knowledge of all things medical and my calmness in stressful situations I know I have a reassuring presence. If I am anxious I don’t show it. I could hear my daughter-in-law in the throes of labour in the background and I inwardly winced, I don’t envy her the journey but the end is always a joy. My son went to support her and I went off to work.

A few hours later my son called again. Although the labour was progressing well she was in a lot of pain and asking for me. ” Was there any chance I could come please”. Without hesitation I put on my coat and headed for the station. I could get almost there by train and would cab the rest. They were both relieved to see me and I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. My daughter-in-law did a sterling job and without an epidural. Sophie Amber came into the world at 3.30 pm weighing 7lb1oz and with a thatch of black hair. It seems that the ginger gene had lost out again. Never mind she was gorgeous! I was even allowed the privilege of cutting the cord an honour indeed.


There is nothing like a new baby in the world to remind you how precious life is. We should make the most of everyday and try to find joy in the small and simple things even when life is dragging us down. It’s all a question of balance.

Talking of life being hard I had a random email from a gentleman asking me if I was related to the Poacher Alf Curtis. My grandad was a famous Poacher during the depression and later his life story was turned into a book depicting the harshness of the  times. (A Poachers Tale)  His knowledge of the countryside meant that he managed to feed his growing family from the land and as he eventually ended up with nine children its was just as well. The gentleman that had emailed from America had read the book and wanted to let me know how much he enjoyed it and wondered if I had a picture of Grandad. I obliged by posting this on Facebook. The picture of my Nan and Grandad and my mum Alice and my late aunts Emily Ann,Queenie and Marjorie shows the hard times under which they existed. The look on their faces says it all sadly.

Stories of my mum’s family were passed down the line and some of them were not pretty, but they survived raising nine children in the process. The other thing my Nan passed down to me was the great red hair. Shame its missing a generation again.


To finish the week off with a bang we were off to jolly Butlins Bognor for some drinking dancing and 90s music madness. As usual it becomes my happy place and never disappoints Dressing this time as a School mistress in charge of three rebellious schoolgirls we had a fabulous time . With the laughter ringing out all over the resort you can’t fail to feel uplifted. The problem is that once you are home you come down with a bang! it’s all a bit depressing and as someone said on Facebook,   Monday ! You Bastard !!.

st trinians


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