Deciding to put all the stresses to bed (at least something got horizontal)  I am looking forward to a good night out watching lives bands compete for the winning prize. Someone I know is lead singer in one of the contenders and having never seen them play live I thought it would be a good way to start off the Christmas celebrations and I love all types of music and watching bands is one of my favorite things to do.  My brother used to be in a band and the house was always full of guitar noise and teenage boys with long hair and even longer legs. 

So with two willing friend in tow off we go but not before I had more stress rushing to assist my son whose car had broken down at some lights.  He needed a jump-start and trying to park for this to work at this ridiculously busy junction was my worst nightmare.  My driving skills being somewhat limited and with people tooting and not giving us any leeway it was a right performance.  Having got his car started I then had to sit in traffic for half an hour .  We were leaving early so I had to get ready in double-quick time.  Not wanting to look out-of-place I went for the RockChick look. Scruffy jeans,boots and a tied up top.! I just like to blend into the background. I’m sure  the average age of the audience would be low enough to make me feel like someones Granny!. Some drinks later and the Bands are performing well and I have to say with some merit but when “The Wholls” appear the place takes off.  I am surrounded by some young and have to say very fit guys and there’s lots of banter I can think of worse ways to while away an evening and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Our band won which was well deserved and I really think they have a future. 

Im back in doors gone midnight and as expected a little pissed. Realising that the last food to pass my lips was two mince pies at about three in the afternoon I go to the kitchen and make myself a huge doorstep of bread and cheese.  That will really be good for my Reflux!

Waking at 7pm and feeling somewhat jaded I realise there is something wrong with my eye. Looking in the mirror  I see that it is very sore and bloodshot.!! Great! still fending off the cold and cough that will not go away I now have “Redeye” so no make up for me today and a trip to the chemist for drops. It needs to improve before this evenings fun and games start.  I need to be able to stick my false eyelashes on for christ sake.

I pack my little suitcase and as usual it hard to know what shoes to take. Id decided to wear the silver dress and then there’s jewellery and underwear and creams and makeup cold and flu tablets, tissues,wipes the list goes on and on.  I wish I was easier to maintain but the older you get the more you need.  I just can’t manage with less and I came to the conclusion that the “Eau Natrelle” look was not for me a long time ago.  The side effect of having the gingerhair.

Soon we  are heading up the motorway to Luton for the comfort of a Premier Inn.  Then its dinner some dancing and hopefully some drunken debauchery! Lets hope the snow stays away. Our journey back last year in a full-scale blizzard and of four hours duration will live with me for a very long time.  But a least the smattering of snow we have had makes it seem more christmassy. Cheers !


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