My blogs have been sadly lacking I know, sorry. But sometimes life takes over and my ability to come up with anything useful,witty or constructive to say flies out of the window and takes my sense of humour with it.

The best summer we have had in ages was ..for me..blighted with tragic events and family dramas. My older brother a troubled soul, had an accident and sadly passed away in July. He was not in the best of health but in the event it was very sudden. My mum in her nineties who he lived with was distraught and in the days that followed managed to have two falls the second of which resulted in a broken Femur.

I spent two weeks dashing between two hospitals and trying to work in between. Then I heard that a good friend and neighbour of mine had died from an unexpected heart attack. A charismatic full of life character he had been a good friend to my family during troubled times. A senior police officer he had retired a few years before and was enjoying life to the full. A few days before his death I had been buying a tomato from a local shop for my lunch. As I pulled the one tomato from the stem I heard his loud scottish accent behind me “Why are you buying just one ? two for gods sake woman!!..spoil yourself" I turned and smiled and we had a chat about his forthcoming cycling holiday. Sadly he never ever came home. Strange as it is I have never been able to buy just one tomato ever since and am compelled forever to buy the two it would seem. His words are still going round and round in my head. His funeral a well attended affair was uplifting and sad all at the same time. I hope they have an abundance of Tomatoes in heaven.

My brother s funeral, which I organised followed a week later. With my mum still in hospital and everything piling up I broke out in Shingles all over my face. Taking everything that the doctor had to offer I soldiered on.

By the time my planned Devon holiday arrived in August I was on my knees. A week away was just what I needed but It was hard to relax my anxiety levels having risen so high. I came back feeling more human but still not myself. I needed some joy where was the joy??.

My personal life had been non-existent, I hadn't the time or the inclination but knew It would help me to get centered again before I imploded. As usual my opportunities were limited. Just when I was feeling so fed up and depressed that I thought life would never be the same again, the giant I lived with announced that he was having a holiday. Five minutes later I had a text from Irish followed by a long phone call..Hmm I wonder ? Would he ? Could he ? To be continued…


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