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Here’s a nibble or two….

Pushing me gently downward to my knees he made it quite clear what was expected next. It was a new experience for me to be so out of control but I rather liked it. I gazed up at him wide-eyed and then took ….

We sat in the candle light chatting away and sipping our drinks, getting to know each other a little better, ironic really considering our bodies had been introduced first. It was getting late and he had quite a journey ahead of him and he said “I’d better go soon”. I answered “yes of course” but somewhere during the chat our eyes locked and the chemistry that had been happily satiated suddenly started to rear up again. I felt it and so did he. Slowly putting his glass down he said quietly “I’d better go”  “Ok” I said rising to my feet. “But first” he replied pausing for effect “I think we should do that all again”. I blinked looking at him with disbelief “are you serious”? “Yep” he answered confidently and taking me by the hand he took me back to the table. I gulped!…

Hmmm now I am getting excited and aroused and so is he. Suddenly he starts fumbling with his jeans .Ooh! I am going to see what he keeps in his pants after all, my anticipation rising. Then he unleashes it OMG! It is a whopper……

Enjoy 🙂laying the table


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