There is nothing you can do about getting older apart from fighting it off tooth and nail. Don’t just give in to the physical disadvantages of age and accept that getting older always means getting OLD!  Keeping yourself in good physical shape is as important as challenging your mind and trying new things.

The menopause can be an unwelcome challenge but once on the other side of it you can find it gives you a new found  freedom. You are no longer beset with monthly mood swings cramps and soggy knickers!. If you find depression setting in get help! If you can’t cope with the hot flushes (I couldn’t) get HRT (upon medical advice of course) If that’s not medically possible look at the supplements that help. If you cant take pills look at patches! if you cant use patches look at creams! If you cant use creams look at pessaries!. But don’ t just sit back and say that’s it! I’m going to be a wrinkled old prune with a Vagina to match. Use it or lose it :).

And don’t believe the advertising hype that it’s perfectly fine to let your pelvic floor hit the floor and just when you have got rid of soggy knickers its ok to have them back again! Keeping all of your body as fit as you can has never been more important in light of Covid-19 where age and obesity is proving a negative factor. But don’t neglect those parts that make us who we are as women after all we are worth it.


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