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Like anything that doesn’t conform to the norm! dating younger men (or older women if your a guy) can come as a shock to our nearest and dearest.

I believe that life has changed and we now have choices in the world of dating. For some of us the conventional age-gap (A couple of years either way) just doesn’t bloody work! We have tried it and decided that for us an age gap adds a layer!

‘Everyone to their own’  is an over used platitude but applies wholeheartedly here.  I just wish that those in a more conventional relationship would cut the rest of us some slack!. After all not all  relationship’s are perfect and it’s often the ones hanging onto to their failing ones, as if their life depended on it!  that give us Cougars the hardest time.

The question is  do you have to ‘Come out’ to your family ? and what can you expect their reaction to be?. Here are my thoughts on the subject …

Feel free to send me your thoughts on all things dating and relationships. or tweet me gaynorevans@gingerbirdevans


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