I have become quite despondent of late with regards to my dating life ..or should I say lack of it!

It seems that no matter what dating app or website I use I cannot get any of the guys that have messaged me to the point of actually arranging a date. You know those things that you go on in order to see if you like each other. Where you actually clap eyes on the individual that had been bombarding you messages and compliments.

But to no avail. Whilst there were plenty of matches and messages competing for space on my phone none of the senders seemed to want to do anything more than that. When I ask them to call me promises are made and times are set and then nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Was I detecting a feeling of apathy amongst the single fraternity! ? I was certainly feeling it myself. As the messages come in and I get asked the same old questions over and over again, I must admit to feeling rather irritated with the monotony of it all. Have I been doing this for too long I ask myself ? Is my impatience just a sign that I’m just getting bored with the world of dating apps!?  Should I try a different tack ? Would I  have acted differently a few years ago and been more patient when they asked me  “What are you looking for !?”  These days I feel like screaming a Date! A Fucking Date!

It seems to me that most of guys that message me these days use the same line. After feeding me a list of compliments and asking “What are you looking for”?!!!  To which I answer, and this hasn’t changed since 2010 “I like to go with the flow” In other words let’s just see how we get on shall we ? They then say “ How about I come around to yours with a bottle of wine” ?!

Clearly the fact that they are capable of actually buying a bottle of wine is supposed to impress me so much they I am going to proffer my address and let a complete stranger who has yet to call me or meet me for a drink enter my home on the strength that he is clutching a bottle of Echo Falls! in his hands! That, not only will I welcome him in with open arms and irrespective of whether we even like each other or not, rampant sex will then take place once the said bottle of wine has been consumed!

Eh! No!

How does this differ from the one night stand I hear you ask ? Quite a lot actually. You get a chance to check out a person when they are standing before you. How they behave? whether you fancy them? What are their friends like ? How they behave towards you even if you are wearing your beer goggles at the time. If you then decided not to take him up on his kind offer of a drink back at his place you can politely duck out.

You will have much more trouble ducking out if he is all over you like a rash behind closed doors and has an expectation that the very fact you let him unscrew the Echo Falls means he is going to get to screw you or on for a Blow job at the very least!

Is it really too much to ask that you go for a drink and get to know each other a little ? You may be overwhelmed by an urge to rip each other’s clothes off at the end of the evening and why not if the mood takes you but at least you have a spent a few hours in each other’s company and got the measure of him to some degree. Or you may prefer to end the evening with a polite kiss and hope never to clap eyes on him again but at least you can make polite excuses and get away.

Not so easy to get away from Echo Fall’s Guy!!

So what has happened to the male population at large are we now dealing with guys that really just can’t be bothered to put even a little time ? Have us girls made it so easy for them to get laid that they feel they don’t even have to make the smallest effort to impress us ? Or is porn to blame ? do they spend so long self-helping that the thought of an actual flesh and blood female seems a waste of their very valuable time. Time they could better spend watching the football or boozing with their mates. ? Answers on a postcard please?


There are exceptions to the rule of course but there is definitely a different feel out there at the moment. Maybe we are all tired of the fast fix! The instant gratification! We have become dating weary!

I read an article in Closer magazine last week that said that us singletons are now fuelling a ‘Lonely Hearts Epidemic’.  The population at large are treating relationships as disposable. If it doesn’t work it’s too easy to cry Next! The internet makes it so easy to find someone new ? or does it ? From my experiences of late (which do not reflect the last five years where I have met and enjoyed some extraordinary guys ) I’m not so sure.

Maybe we are all just fed up with having online relationships! I know for me as an older woman it’s all about being able to look into someone’s eyes. To feel the physical pull of chemistry!  The feeling of skin on skin! To be able to actually run your fingers through hair and not just imagine what it would feel like!  To enjoy touching and being touched and to actually enjoy real sex in all its noisy! messy! unpredictability! 

It may only take one date for all that to happen but the one date it would seem speaks volumes these days! It has taken on the importance of a marriage proposal! Ridiculous as it seems! For me the one date has always been a deal-breaker! Unfortunately in 2017 it would seem that the world is full of Echo Fall’s Guys!

 Come-on Universe prove me wrong ..please!


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