I don’t know about you lot! But for me that first kiss is an indicator of how the rest of it is going to go. Sometimes the first date has gone just  so so and you are undecided whether date two is already being planned in your head or in fact you are wondering how to extricate yourself at the end of the night.

Some might argue that you shouldn’t expect a snog at the end of date one but what are you going to expect ? A limp nice to meet you handshake ? a brotherly kiss on the cheek ? As an indicator of whether there is passion to come, those two options suck! (And not in a good way) Give me a kiss on the lips even a fleeting one any day of the week. Sometimes it can give an otherwise mediocre date a much needed stirring of the loins!

I still remember vividly a first date with a younger man that had gone ok,  but because of his very youthful appearance I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t see him again. He had been very nervous too adding to my anxiety about the age gap which was stretched out between us like the Grand Canyon. But as we were leaving he scooped me up and kissed me. The kiss was a real eye and mouth opener. It showed skill and desire in equal measures and sent my stomach into a churning mess. As I drew back to look him in the eye I smiled mouthing that was a surprise! He smiled briefly and then kissed me again and I was completely lost.

The age gap had floated away into the ether and date two was a frenzy of passion fuelled sex that went on for hours. It was quite breathtaking and had he not kissed me I would have bloody missed it !.  Many such dates followed and our desire for each other never waned. So I think kisses should be added to first date etiquette! you just never know what’s lurking beneath the surface,  (as long as it’s not bad breath and a lizard tongue!)

Admittedly first dates can be awkward buggers! Nerves can hit you unexpectedly and if the first date involves a much younger man they can be a bit intimidated by the worldly attributes of us older women. It’s often up to us to put them at ease and if there is chemistry then you may need to encourage them to take a chance and go for the kiss. But nothing wrong with us girls taking the lead and doing it first.  After all it is likely that our lips are more experienced and can turn a sloppy the sort you get off your Labrador kiss into a work of art.

Kissing is a hard thing to define…after all lips come in all shapes and sizes It’s just a question of getting a balance between the sucking and the nibbling and keeping tongue use to a minimum. Just to begin with . Sometimes it works so well and feels so right that your whole body ignites like a firework in the sky . With your desire soaring it’s unlikely you will wait till date two and there’s nothing wrong with that either!

But perfecting the art of kissing will undoubtedly help you in your quest for more dates.There is only one way to improve your technique and confidence..practice!practice!practice!  I’m puckering up as we speak! Mwaah!



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