So deciding this was not the time for holding’s too short right ?? I came straight out with it. I was blatant and to the point. “I have an empty house in a few weeks why don’t you come and see me for a few days”. I waited with baited breath as he pondered and then said he would love to come for a visit. “Really ?” I said..”Yes” he answered. I mumbled something about dates and we carried on catching up.

The next day I sent him the dates and began the anxious wait. Would he actually book a flight ?. It was a few weeks time so it should be easy enough. The suspense was killing me. I had another birthday on the horizon..where did that year go ? and was off to my favourite place Butlins at the end of the week in question. That still gave us three whole days and nights to spend together. The prospect of the tantalising sex was almost too much to cope with and occupied my thoughts constantly .Days passed and he still hadn’t confirmed a flight.

With the anxiety getting on my nerves I text him asking had he sorted it yet. He called me to discuss the best times and then booked it and sent me the flight confirmation. I was elated it was really happening. After over a year my favourite toyboy was coming. Delicious sex was back on the menu and was just what I need to get myself back together.

The next couple of weeks passed in the usual blur of activity between work and family with the internment of my brothers ashes and mums’ care taking prority. Irish and I kept in contact with texts and phone calls and with everything going according to plan he was due to fly in Tuesday afternoon. The giant I live with flew out in the early hours.. the scene was set.

I busied myself trying to clear my desk which would have to be run from home for the next few days and still I doubted his arrival. I resisted the temptation to text again and check if he had got to the airport. Eventually my phone went ping and the message read..”I am on the plane”. I exhaled all over the office

But immediately I replaced one set of anxieties with another. How would it all work over the next few days I mean we hadn’t seen each other for over a year ?. I know we had talked for hours on the phone but being hold up for three days and nights was a big ask. What if we didn’t fancy each other anymore ?

I drove to Oakwood station with my stomach churning and parked in the usual place and as I sat drumming on the steering wheel, I wondered just how many times I had waited here for Irish. It was quite a few stretched over four years with big gaps. Suddenly people began pouring out of the station and I saw his familiar figure lumbering up the road pulling a suitcase behind him.

As he jumped in and we kissed I was yet again struck at how young he looked even for his age. Groaning inwardly I drove home. Within an hour we were curled up chatting and within two we were between the sheets. As always it was if I had seen him yesterday and the sex, oh the sex! was breathtaking.

The next three days passed in a flash. We sat up late watching TV into the early hours, I cooked dinner and so did he. We went for a drive in the autumn sunshine and stopped at a country pub and in true Cougar style I took him to my Harley Street appointment where he waited in a pub for me whilst I had my face stabbed. Every other spare moment was spent in the bedroom, on the sofa, on the floor and at every given opportunity.

I had taken to lighting candles in the bedroom and we would lay in the luminous darkness watching the shadows flickering on the walls feeling no need to speak. When the Friday came and Butlins was calling he left at the last possible moment. He was off to see friends in London and as his flight wasn’t until Tuesday we had discussed the possibility of him coming back on my return Sunday but I wasn’t really expecting him.
cheers twice
My Butlins weekend was as usual a fun and happy experience with lots of girly bonding, dancing and shopping. Hungover and relaxed we hurtled back down the motorway Sunday afternoon and then my phone went off and there he was asking if he could come back Sunday night. Beaming broadly I told the girls..Ha! they said, “No sleep again for you tonight” and laughing along with them I thought to myself Amen to that! …..cheers


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