I always feel under pressure when I have the opportunity of an empty flat.  When I’m told there is a night available I feel the desperate need to get busy.  When my daughter tells me she is away for a night  my mind starts working overtime and I start  running through the possibilities in my head.  It’s very stressful..who is likely to be around.?.who is due for a visit..? who would I like to spend a uninterruppted evening or possibly a WHOLE night with.? . Refusing to muddy the waters at home with my Son (6ft 4ins with the appetite of an elephant) I never entertain unless he’s is a) On holiday b) staying at his GFs c) guaranteed not to be home for at least six hours. d) visiting his Father.  Now he is working full-time he is going to be away less so my opportunities have been reduced even further making my private life  (tee hee have to laugh at the irony there)even more difficult to negotiate.  What about hotels I hear you say ..well yes there is that but even though the delights of a Premier Inn should not be sneezed at it’s not always that easy and still an expense and with my finances in their usual state of  “is it pay-day yet” ? “what else can I sell on Ebay”? highly unlikely.  Of course if I was dating the more mature male then im sure they would offer to pick up the tab but unfortunately its just not happening!.  A rich TB would be the answer but I’ve yet to come across one although I have met some with their own space but they are few and far between. So when a flats on offer I feel I have to seize the moment.  Tonight is just such an opportunity. My yummy doorman from Friday nights antics phone me Saturday and we got on well so when he asked about meeting up I said he could come over tonight and I would rustle up some pasta.  He then cancelled by text Sunday (at least it wasnt a Budgie text Ha!)  Knowing how this goes I said no problems! and wished him well as there was no offer of another date and I figured like many before him he may just have bottled it!!.The excuse was a flatmates birthday that he had forgotten about …plausible of course.  My light response encouraged him to offer another day..followed by a quick retraction when he realised he was going to be up country…again I said no worries. Thirty minutes later he text to say he could do it after all and was that ok ? I was in the gym so didn’t answer immediately. He then offered an explanation of his flatmate changing plans..and I still didn’t answer..still in the gym and then his third text said he would have to leave it as the  flatmate had changed his mind Again! calling him a pain in the arse.! My answer was well that’s ok let me know if things change back again.  Whether that’s the last I hear from him is anyones guess but as I’ve said many times it’s the nature of the beast!.. So I immediately text a TB that has been on the missing list for ages.  We had a nice first date some weeks ago (as mention in my previous Budgie blog  he had sent some underwear to my office)  I asked if he had evaporated into the ether? he replied immediately with explanations of sick friends and holidays. I mention the opportunity of the flat (we had discussed this before) he immediately digressed into sexual dialogue which I returned in kind! and said he would see what he could do.  He has text this morning and is looking up trains.  It is the curse of internet dating that everyone that approaches me seems to live miles away in this case SW London.  It is now 3 pm and I have no idea if he is coming or not ?. It’s a shame that my young Irishman is not back in London although I have been promised a phone call this week and I really hope that when he lands this side of the channel a visit is forthcoming. Now he was very special!.  And of course my other favorite who I heard from again last Monday and who is still wrestling with his conscience (I wish he would lose the battle and come and wrestle with me instead) But until then I am left with the likelihood that it will be me the remote and a plate of pasta tonight, the clock is ticking….


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