I was the subject recently of yet another media piece of why the younger man/older woman dynamic works so well. I was given the dubious title of  ‘the most prolific Cougar in the U.K.’ Groan.. all media hype of course.. (well mostly!)

The headline that I have dated as many as  200 toyboys was bandied about and I was asked yet again why I preferred younger men placing the onus firmly at my feet.  I usually answer regimental fashion its their energyoutlook and  the great sex Blah Blah!  But this time I was annoyed. Why is it always this way around and the answer is always the same ? Whilst I am happy to shout it from the rooftops the average ‘older woman preferring‘ toyboy would rather have his tongue cut out than announced publicly that he prefers to date someone older.

Being somewhat irritated I decided to change my answer for once  “Why don’t you go and ask the younger men why they prefer dating me! ? I countered,  “After all there is 200 of them and only one of me!”  This was met with raucous laughter and I thought to myself well if I am going to be stuck with the handle of the Most prolific Cougar in the UK , I am going to damn well own it! I get fed up with justifying my position. You can bet your life that no older man has ever had to explain why he prefers to date a  younger woman the reasons after all are bloody obvious!

I can only hope that with more high profile couples embracing the age gap that gradually the prejudice will rescind. People like President Macron and his wife Brigitte with their 24 year age gap are paving the way but then the French are always ahead of us when it comes to affairs of the heart

As is usual with the media attention the Facebook friend requests start pouring in topping 1000 Facebook seemed unable to cope and deleting them became even more tedious .My friends also started receiving them when I failed to respond  so,it was apologies all round and a change of settings required.

But for me it’s life as usual and as is often the case a toyboy that I had  written off as moved on suddenly reappeared . It had been over a year since I had seen him and we had had a close and passionate affair that had gone on for some time. It seems he had missed me and really needed to see me again. I was curious.  As he loped through the door his figure taking on an all too familiar silhouette I realised immediately that I had missed him too.

It was not long before our clothes were on the floor. What now ? Who knows and who cares! Carpe Fucking Diem ..watch this space Toyboys 201 and counting..Until next time…Love Gaynor X



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