It’s strange having gone back to my natural hair colour..although it will be more difficult to keep than the blonde I had see the different reactions I am now getting from people.  I mean do Blondes have more fun ? maybe they do only time will tell , depending on how long I can be bothered to keep this colour . Its going to be  a pain in the arse worrying about roots and patchy streaks.

Talking of my nether regions, for the first time in a long time I am sporting matching collars and cuffs. I always felt the need to explain previously.  A blonde on top usually meant you sprouted dark hair below. Not in my case..there it was for all to see (well what there was left of it after I had tidied it up) a complete surprise..a ginger minge!.

I always felt the need to mention it just in case anyone was horrified or has an aversion to red hair!.  On the whole no one cared and one TB fell in love with it and talked about it in waxing terms Ha! It was like it took on its own identity and we talked about it by name.  Always used to make me smile…

My Ex- husband had given me a complex and when our marriage was in its death throes.. shame It wasn’t him I was killing, he would talk about my ginger bits with scathing disgust.  I did used to wear it bushier then than now admittedly. But we didnt t go in for the “Bald eagle look” then.  I always used to get it waxed and tidied for holidays and swimming. I can only presume, as he didn’t have any problem with it during  the eighteen previous years and certainly didn’t mention it when I was screaming in agony and pushing our 8lb son into the world through it ! that the woman he was now sleeping with (her next door aka “Horseface” ) used to shove a completely hairless one in his face. She of course had dark hair and was so nauseatingly ingratiating she would have probably cut off her right hand if he told her only to use her left.

It’s a surprise that I wasnt mentally scarred for life..never wanting to get naked or show it to anyone. I really believed that it was so unattractive that nobody would ever go near it and I began to think it had teeth!!. Luckily then that said TB restored my confidence in not only my sexuality but in being a Redhead and a Ginge.

It was bad enough growing up.  I was constantly the butt of jokes and insults and picked on.  But then I did have other afflictions to withstand. I was a rather rotund child and was at least a foot taller than all my class mates and was on equal height with the teacher.  I had the most enormous gap in my front teeth and looked rather like bugs bunny. My mother’s faith in me, that all would come good and how lovely the hair was, that I had inherited off my Grandmother kept me going. She was right of course,but I had a painful adolescence.  Hard to belive how shy I was. Certainly not the case now!

I embraced my red hair eventually and all that it represented and having given birth to two children that followed suit I get very angry when it comes in for derision. The implications are that somehow we are substandard and strange! Cheek!  I think it makes us special and unique and rather good at dealing with adversity.  Plus we can be a talented bunch..Ed Sheeran is a prime example.

My Gorgeous Ginger Kids

My friends and family tell me that it’s a good look now and reminds them of the old me.  I look in the mirror and see a familiar face staring back at me and it does seem to enhance my eyes and complement my skin. So we shall have to see.

My Christmas preparations are underway in earnest and I had my first Christmas kiss today, Well that was the excuse he used and I wasnt arguing,  I mean how could I ? I don’t talk with my mouth full!! May it be one of many and I know just where to find some Mistletoe…….Tra..lalalalalalalalalala..three French Hens..Two Turtle Doves and a Toyboy in a Pear Tree!!!….


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