At this time of year when I am rushing around in ever decreasing circles trying to get everything organised for the big day and dashing off to various dinners and celebrations I am reminded on a regular basis that I am single, alone! by myself uno!

Every Christmas song or film has romance draped  all over it and couples in love swan about hand in hand gazing into jewellery shop windows and each other’s eyes with alarming regularity. This was hammered home with a vengance last week when making our traditional Christmas pilgrimage to The Harry Potter Studio to see Hogwort’s in the Snow! (for anyone who hasn’t seen it I have to say that it is a breath- taking sight and brings out the childish wonderment  in all of us).

The Harry Potter interactor ( why do they call them that ?) announced with great drama that they had no less than four marriage proposal’s in front of the snow covered Hogwort’s  in the preceeding week. Cue applause and a group Ahhhh. ...I actually found it quite touching and at least a  little more original than The Eiffel Tower . So romance is alive and well and living in the fantasy world of Harry Potter.

Keeping romance alive in the real world is however a much harder thing to do as I know to my cost but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all live in the hope that somewhere out there love is around the corner for us all, in one shape or another. I have been lucky enough to be in love more than once. I have suffered both the  joy and the heartbreak. The excruciating betrayal I experienced in my last relationship has made me wary and who can blame me or anyone else like me, who decides that enough is enough.

Being part of a traditional couple is NOT the only way to be happy. You can find both joy and love in less conventional relationship shapes. You just have to love yourself first. The relationship you have with yourself is one that really counts. Stay positive and accept that not everyone is perfect including you!

Christmas is a time for drunken stupidity and making a grab for whatever sort of connection you can make with your fellow man/woman. Go for it! and enjoy it . Don’t worry about the morning after  post mortem over the bacon sandwich and paracetamol. It’s  is all part of the fun. Then file it away in your Christmas memory box and move on. These memories will definitely not make it on to your Facebook page.!

I myself will be sending out the same lame Christmas message to all the Toyboys that I retain affection for, as I always do. It’s interesting to see who responds and who does not.  Then I will be dressing up to the nines and jumping on the Christmas machine enjoying every single moment.with my family and friends. There I know enduring love really does exist.

I will however,  be avoiding Sam Smiths version of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” at all costs. It has already reduced me to tears twice which is unheard of. I must have A heart after all!

Have a Magical Christmas and may the Force of Love be with you one and  all.! Lots of Luv Gaynor xxx

Merry Christmas


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