In the words of Lional Richie the expectation of a Sunday is usual one of relaxation, extra time in sleep of course although I do remember some hazy sex filled Sundays! and the pleasures of lazing around doing nothing much.

In reality they are nothing like this well not for me and most of the female population anyway. My Sundays are a game of catch up..catching up with all the jobs that havent got done during the working week. The washing the cleaning the shopping an endless list of boring chores stretch before me urging me on. I could ignore them all of course but then the week ahead will become a chaotic and stressful mess that will drive me insane by Wednesday.

So as I sit with my very large cup of tea contemplating the day before me I am as usual much to do so little time to do it in!. The blog itself has become an integral part of my Sunday schedule. I have put myself under pressure to blog twice a week but of course as I love to write it doesn’t come into the category of a chore. But it is a distraction and a welcome one. It means I can justify still sitting here watching “Sherlock” in between. (I didn’t give the pilot episode my full attention so I am watching it again…the trouble is it is so full of twists and turns I have to keep stopping to concentrate on the screen…it is beyond brilliant.

The gym is the next priority, I must must must go. The fact that I find it boring and an effort doesn’t mean I can ignore its benefits. I know I will feel able to cope with the rest of the day and let’s be honest my body needs the attention.

So the Sunday tasks pile up andI’m still sitting here typing. Since January has fallen into its usual black hole I have spent weeks indoors spending time doing family stuff but having not had a single date or seen anyone . I am really beginning to feel the need to let off some steam before they find me hanging from the ceiling.  (and not in a good way ha!).

I did have online chats with a few rather gorgeous new members on Toyboywarehouse which I have been sadly neglecting of late. But so far and despite me handing over my telephone number I havent received any calls as yet. Sometimes the game playing drives me mad. As they approached me threatening me with all sorts of pleasures to come and demanding my attention, I find it really frustrating that they too disappear into the black hole. But I am a seasoned player a and have learnt patience and keeping my expectations to a minimum is the only way to go.

Hope however is on the horizon..another lively weekend at Butlins is in the offing. It will be just what I need a couple of days and nights to completely give in to my naughty side and remember the joys of being alive. Having just buried an old school friend and being reminded that none of us get out alive  I am looking to make hay while the sun shines

As I have said before Butlins is my happy place and I need to escape and go into the light just for a few days. So if all goes well I will be packing my little suitcase and setting off next friday to put the word fun! back on my agenda.

We will of course keeping up with tradition and dressing up for Saturday night and after our success as Butlin’s Bunnies we have decided to join the mile high club this time.

Our outfits have arrived modelled on the Virgin Airways Crew of course, bright red,very short ,lots of cleavage and a matching hat and scarf. So Im sure we can all adopt different identities for the weekend and have some much needed fun.

Not the ideal persona for me seeing as I am a petrified flyer !! The thought of being an Air Hostess fills me with dread…but love the uniform…have a feeling though that we are not going to look quite as chic as the girls in the photo..but we will do our best…(I wonder if Richard Branson ever holidays at Butlins ?….:)


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