As 2012 comes to a grinding halt and with 2013 on the horizon, do I as usual, look back on the past twelve months and reflect quietly on my achievements and get depressed at what I didn’t manage to accomplish. ? Do I hell.. 2012 was full to the brim with excitement, new experiences and delicious toyboys. It was a blast, a roller coaster of ups and downs and joys and sadness, but I wouldn’t have missed any of it.  I know I’m alive, that I still have a pulse and I can still shake a leg with the best of them.

On the down list, I am still carting around that bloody two stone that I had with me this time last year. The two stone I vowed I would lose and still haven’t. Well here we go again.  I am joining a slimming club this time and going to give it a real go! Having injured my back recently from running I am fully aware that weight loss would help me so now I have a medical reason to help my cause.  Will that spur me on I doubt it!!

I did manage to achieve a number of things though..

Top of the list has to be getting my book published it is still selling slowly on Amazon and if I can get the publicity going hopefully it will keep selling. But I really enjoyed reading from the book at my book signings even if there was some confusion about the identity of the toyboy involved..oops.

I went to three music festivals which were also on my wish list and had an amazing time.

I took part in some TV documentaries the first of which is airing next week January 9th at 10 pm. on Channel 4.  Its called ‘On The Verge of a Mid-life Crisis’ and talks about older woman that have to face various dramas and how they coped. The host is Sharon Horgan a feisty and funny Irish actress and writer. You all know what mine will be about. Adulterous husband and toyboys 🙂 in a nutshell. God knows what that bloody two stone will look like on camera but too late now.

I had some great weekends away and holidays including my neice’s wonderful wedding in the South of France .

I got to know a number of my neighbours as we all got together to film the street project.

The recruitment business I work in has survived another year and although we are not doing brilliantly we have managed to close the gap and Im looking forward to new ideas and changes in 2013.

The return of Irish was a big bonus in 2012 and those who follow my blog know that the few summer months we had together were a source of great joy for me.  Yes he is gone and who knows if he will ever be this side of the water again and yes I was upset when he went but I will remember the night of the Olympic opening ceremony for sometime to come :). And if you want to know what I’m talking about then you will just have to buy the book!

Our Christmas day was as always full of joy laughter and madness and the hangover on boxing day has yet to be rivalled. Maybe tonight’s the night.

There was some real sadness, the death of an old school friend, older relatives passing away, having the old dog put down but this is all just part of the circle of life and has to be endured. Its no good worrying about what you can’t change or have no influence over.

So here’s to 2013 and let hope that it in some way measures up to the year just gone. I already have a full January diary to look forward to. A big birthday celebration, a weekend away at Butlins my happy place, and last but not least the birth of a new baby girl into the family  So not bad for the dark month of January, no depression this end I wont give it any room to manoeuvre.

So Happy New Year to you all. however you are celebrating. I am off to London Town to enjoy the atmosphere and more than a few glasses of Champagne. Life is about living and the best time to start is now! Just off to find that bloody diet book tomorrow it begins again.!!



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