I haven’t had a chance to have a pee let alone blog so pardon my absence but Im sure people around me are grateful that at least I did manage to get to the bathroom.  I don’t think I have ever had such a busy Christmas run up and having nearly had a nervous breakdown this morning trying to work out how I am going to seat 13 in my little Victorian terrace I eventually,  with much cursing swearing and smoking managed it! only to get told by my friend that its very unlucky to seat 13 so now I have to find a Fourteenth  a doll, teddy bear, or stray cat to join us otherwise I will be looking at burnt turkey and dry Christmas pudding.

Giant son had gone into work so I was having to lug shift and carry all by myself and having got covered in mud a number of times with trips to the shed I finally decided that it would do!!!.l

I dropped in my neighbour’s presents..a yule log for one and a pasta dish for the other (he cant have cake cos he had a heart attack earlier in the year. A few hours in the office one more visit and cake delivery to make and thats it I am done finished and at the ready. Let the making merry commence.. The wine is opened and I shall be shortly off to visit my niece’s to catch up with the extended family until tomorrow when it will be Champagne at dawn and the kitchen dance followerd by the pub the dinner more champagne and some games.

There is only one present I haven’t had yet and trust me if it doesn’t happen soon the twitch that I seemed to have developed will be a permanent fixture.  With all my TV stuff coming up thick and fast the first is getting an airing on 9th January I was then asked if Id be interested in auditioning for Big Brother…if only I had the time.

Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers and readers and here’s to a very happy and peaceful New Year with 2012 ending in such tragedy with the shooting in America 2013 has got to herald some changes for the better.. ImageImageImageImageImage


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