Saturday morning and I must admit I woke up after a good nights sleep feeling rather perky.  I would have been “Perkier” if I had woken up next to a gorgeous toyboy of course but alas despite my best efforts to lure one into my web..alone I was.  Then I see on the news that apparently this is supposed to be the happiest day of the year being the first Saturday of August.  How random is that ??. But despite my lack of company I do feel rather a peace with the world.  Usually when my son makes one of his rare trips to see his father in the Norfuck countryside (where he lives with the woman he ran off with aka “Horseface” I make myself as busy as possible with my toyboys. The lack of opportunities for me to entertain at home put me under a great deal of pressure to squeeze in as many liaisons as possible when my son (6ft 4ins  with the appetite of an elephant) is away. I point-blank refuse to embarrass or comprise him by letting him cross paths with any of my young  men. This has been brought home to me with a bang this week (no pun intended ha!) when I realised I may have been somewhat indiscreet with someone he was at school with EWEEEEE !!! Wont do that again!!! It would just not be fair. But it does make my life complicated and I get very frustrated.  So far despite having text everyone I could think of  the weekend stretches before me with out a boy in sight.  Flakey of course was on my case as usual last night and I knew if I didn’t switch off my phone he would be clamouring fo phone sex at some ungodly hour!.  Phone sex can be fun but right now only the real thing will do I’m far too wired!!!. I told him to come visit but then he’s not called “Flakey” for nothing!!!. But I live in hope.  I will just have to occupy myself with housework great!!..writing and maybe the gym to work off some of my pent-up energy. At least tonight I am out  with the girls and I’m sure it will be a fun packed drunken evening..and Enfield you had better lock up your sons!!!! The only dilemma will be  what to wear as usual? …..


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