What a week it’s been and its been hard to be positive and by mid-week I was running on empty. I had spent Sunday in the bosom of the family for Mother’s Day and enjoyed a nice dinner cooked for me as always by the family Chef Kate. I had some lovely presents and cards. We made sure mum had a stream of visitors and by Sunday evening I was feeling relaxed . 

I had promised to catch up with Irish on the phone but by the time everyone went home it was nearly eleven. I text him anyway to see if he was free he didn’t reply and I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. At gone midnight he replied and we decided to talk. As usual our conversation flowed and we were trying to pin down a time for him to come for a visit. It was not going to be easy. The next two weekends were out St Patrick’s Day took care of one (Can’t expect a young Irishman to miss that ) and he was working at a media function on the following Sunday and then it was Easter. Damn and blast ” now we were back talking my desire to get him to hop on a plane and then hop in my bed was preoccupying my thoughts. It was nearly two by the time the conversation ended.

I was woken by an early morning call from mum in a state of distress and wanting to come home. She has been sick over night and was fed up. Stressing that she wasn’t well enough I phoned the ward sister and she asked if I could come in and calm mum down. So putting work on hold off I went. Mum was very low and irritable but had been moved to a room on her own which I saw as an improvement. She had her own bathroom and a big big window. I sat with her and talked her out of the  the idea of coming home. I eventually got into work but by Monday evening I was wired…again!.

Tuesday was uneventful just work and the hospital and I was feeling so drained I crawled in from work and fell asleep. I was wide awake by eleven!! great, now what ? I decided to catch up on all the programmes I had missed, but was still restless. Jack was in bed as he had been on the early shift at the college and was up 5.30 am all this week usually waking me up in the process. I was staring down at my feet and decided I was really in need of a pedicure I liked to be date ready at all times but with the recent stress and lack of time I had let a few things slide. I decided that I would book myself into Laurels for a manicure and pedicure in the morning.


Then I remembered that another part of my body need some attention. The dreaded bikini line. I had given up having it waxed as it gave me a rash so of late I had found cream and scissors to be the way forward. Nothing like the present and with cream in one hand and scissors in the other there I was early hours of the morning tending to my bush, legs akimbo watching the superb ‘Game of Thrones’. Some of the sex scenes were..shall we say rather invigorating and off my mind went again in the direction of Ireland.

I crawled into bed all trimmed and shiny at about 2am only to be woken by Jack who had left the house without his car keys. Grrrrr…sometimes I could murder his ADHD with my bare hands.


Work was proving to be an uphill struggle this week, CV flow was poor as was the quality and with clients clamouring for candidates I was going  word blind searching for them. I had a random phone call from a researcher asking if I could be part of an Audience for a new TV pilot it sounded fun, required me to get to Pinewood Studios and although intially I said yes, I could do with distracting, I later had to cancel as events with mum needed dealing with. I then got a phone call from BBC Radio Birmingham asking if I would take part in their late show with Grahm Torrington to discuss being a Cougar! I had already spoken openly on this show once before. I said yes,  and they said they would call me later. It was always a good opportunity to get the book a mention. I decided to take Thursday as a holiday as I was due to meet the Occupational Therapist at mum’s to assess the house for her return home.


The girls came to dinner as usual and by the time the radio station rang I had drunk a fair amount of wine but still managed to get my point across..I think..well you can decided you can listen hear..I’m at the 51 min point 


I tried to have a lay in but couldn’t sleep and then my brother phoned to say he had the Novo Virus so we couldn’t visit the house today. I just managed to catch the Occupational Therapist before she left to meet me. So now I had a day off and no purpose..great!. I thought maybe the gym would be the answer but seemed rooted to the sofa. The red wine from last night was making me rather lethargic and I found myself glued to the TV caching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Dallas. Then I got a text. It was from the TB that I see from time to know the one that I promise myself I won’t and then I do. He was just seeing how I was . I told him I was at home and why,  he was very sweet and said if he was passing he would pop by and give me a cuddle. Frankly a cuddle sounded quite appealing right now.


A few minutes later he changed his tack and said maybe we could meet for lunch as he was at work. I stared at the phone and smiled. Lunch ? it was the food of love he was talking about Ha!. I replied saying he would hardly have time in an hour to get to me and back as he worked a few miles away. He said he could take an extended lunch. I was tempted, my libido had been shoved so far off the radar recently I had begun to wonder if I would find it again (Game of Thrones and Irish not included). I would need to bath and titivate and then there was my unprepared feet and hands. Could I be bothered..I sat debating with myself.


On the plus side, bit of joy would be good for me right now. Some male company and physical contact would remind me of my place in the world and lift my flagging spirits. He was always good for my ego and he was familiar territory. On the minus I would need to get ready and ask Kate to borrow the flat. My hands and feet were a mess but at least my nether regions were in pristine condition thanks to my late night attention. I could wear something that left him no option of where to look..Deciding to take the plunge I text Kate then him and ran a bath.


He was so keen to get to me that he kept moving the time forward and at one point was in danger of reaching the flat before me. It never fails to amaze me that men have no idea how long it takes us girls to get ready. But I just managed to get there perfumed and perfected in a little black number and nude stilettos. We didn’t have much time but there’s a lot to be said for a quickie. A whirlwind of mad breathless passion ( with a small pause for the unwrapping of a condom.) we flop on the bed. As usual breathless and spent we then chat incessantly for the remainder of our time together as he quickly puts his suit back on.



Feeling slightly more human,  I spend the rest of the day in relaxed mood and I know that now I have awakened the beast it will be hard for  me to tame him again and with my mind once again drifting off in the direction of all things Irish I wonder if he has even had time to check out any flights..Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone !



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