A couple of weeks later I was winging my way to Oakwood station to pick up  Peter.We had spoken on the phone a couple of times and had been getting on well. When the flat became available I suggested he may want to come over for some nibbles and a bottle of wine.

I parked in my usual place and waited, I sighed inwardly I had waited here many times mostly for my young Irishman but sometimes for the Aussie. I had to admit that if I was being honest I would have preferred it to be either of them. It was so much easier , the natural rapport I had with them both, the history between us, the great sex that always followed. But it was not to be and I had to move on.

So pushing thoughts of Irish and Australian accents to the back of my mind I braced myself to take on a new one. I was certainly doing my bit for international relations.!!

My phone went off and there he was asking help to find me in his own version of sexy English. He honed into view his long dark curly hair flopping this way and that. He took his seat beside me and off we went… the flat was beckoning.

We had a conversation of sorts but it was a bit stilted. He was slightly reserved as before once in my company and I had to ask him to repeat certain things for me as I couldn’t quite catch the turn of phrase. But he had a gorgeous and infectious smile and laughed a lot, nerves I’m sure.

Once ensconced in the flat he produced a nice bottle of red wine from his bag and with glasses in hand we relaxed on the sofa. I was looking at him sideways.deciding that he really was rather handsome and I was beginning to feel the attraction quite strongly. As the wine flowed he relaxed and we had some interesting although somewhat intellectual conversations (yes I can actually manage one) It wasnt long of course before the wine worked its magic and we were kissing. Suddenly the verbal communication gave way to the physical.

We had a lovely evening getting to know each other but when I dropped im off at the station in the morning there was no discussion of meeting again. I decided that he was really rather difficult to read!

We met a few more times after that but usually with me doing the instigating and getting rather tired of that things petered out. I remember the last time I was dropping him off at the station he leaped out and barely said goodbye..I thought charming and then suddenly just as I was about to pull away he was back banging on the window and waving. I just waved back and then drove off. It occurred to me afterwards that he was going to say something but maybe it was too little to late.He texted me the weekend he was leaving the uk and that was that. Or so I thought!

I was totally surprised some 10 months later to receive an email. He was it would seem in his analytical mind reliving our encounters. “He wished he had seen me more” “He rather missed me these days” I was gobsmacked!. I presumed his detached non pursuant attitude was because he wasnt bothered. He finished on how he had enjoyed our encounters a lot and if ever he was in the UK could we meet?

I was both bemused and flattered. I said by all means look me up when you are here. So a couple of weeks ago he drops me an email telling me that he is going to be in the UK for four days and although he will be very busy maybe we could have a few hours. I replied that I would enjoy that and to let me know when he arrived.

In the meantime I had been chatting to my other recycled TB the one in the forces. The other one that had seemed so laid back a coma could have been diagnosed. I know he had expressed that he wanted to see me but as I know from experience the saying and the doing are not one in the same. (Flakey comes to mind)

As luck would have it the flat was available so wanting to see how I felt this time round I suggested a meeting. We made an arrangement but after various texts and due to no fault of his as duty called he couldn’t make it. I gave up on the idea until he sent me a text saying tha his shift had changed and he could make Thursday after all. After a few hours I replied saying fine ..come! And so he did and having revisited then scene I was reminded that sometimes its ok to walk the same path because you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

That said when Peter arrived the following week we managed a few snatched hours . Sometimes once you have assigned things to the recycling bin they should stay there….Delete!


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