Extracts from my Book…Enjoy


‘Resplendent in a red dress, with high heels to match, and glass of champagne in hand, I supervised his removal from my life and into the waiting van.  I asked sarcastically “Now have you got everything?”  His response was a steely glare.  I smiled sipping my champagne as the leather Chesterfield that he had humbly asked if he could take left the house and giggled loudly as it was loaded onto the van.  I had been kind enough to buy him and his new squeeze a house-warming present………. ’


‘but somewhere during the chat our eyes locked and the chemistry that had been happily satiated suddenly started to rear up again. I felt it and so did he. Slowly putting his glass down he said quietly “I’d better go”  “Ok” I said rising to my feet. “But first” he replied pausing for effect “I think we should do that all again”. I blinked looking at him with disbelief “are you serious”? “Yep” he answered confidently and taking me by the hand he took me back to the table. I gulped! ……..


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