I made the decision when I was newly single, that I would keep a diary of my toyboy dating life.  At first I was surprised at my own antics and I wrote about them just in case the experiences were going to be short lived.  I thought by keeping notes I would be able to relive them properly! its amazing what you can forget. Being part of the Dumped! Divorced! Fifty-somethings club had not been the sad lonely place I had expected. Here I was dating gorgeous guys half my age and loving every minute of it!. It was a revelation!.

My first two years were documented in my book of course ‘Sex and the Signposts’ (available on Amazon) saucy stuff included! I had no idea that years later I  would still be at it! So naturally as the diary keeping became part of the ritual there is a lot more that has yet to aired. I found this short piece today and thought I would share it with you. Until next time…. Gaynor  x

Cougar Diaries July 2013

I left work early and began to get myself ready. The arduous task of getting polished preened and prepared took a couple of hours.

I had exfoliated de-fuzzed moisturised and applied my usual amount of slap. I fingered through my wardrobe pulling things out and putting them back again. I had already put on my leopard print body with blue lace trim. It accentuated my curves and covered up my wobbly bits. Not that he had ever minded the wobbly bits he had always loved them and clearly preferred the curvier type. I decided to wear the good old standby. My LBD with the zip at the front which was always useful on these occasions.

I sat on the bed and picked up the packet of hold up stockings I had bought specially. I unwrapped them and carefully smoothed them out. Although I don’t wear them often they always have the effect of making me feel sexy and always have a powerful effect on the male of the species without exception. As I pulled them on my mind wandered off to a memory that I keep in a box in my head. I opened the lid and allowed the memory to wash over me in all its sensuous delights. His hands on my body..his lips on mine..the feeling of him inside me. My whole body flushed as each part of our last steamy encounter re ran in my head. The anticipation was building my body was getting primed and my desire for him was bursting through every pore.

Men of course have no ides the amount of time it takes us girls to get ready . They think we are all just natural beauties . In my case nothing could be further than the truth it takes time effort and money! As I stood In front of the mirror smoothing down my dress and fiddling with my hair I decided I didn’t look too bad for an old bird. Checking my watch I realise it was time to get in the car and make the drive to the station.

The car as if on auto pilot knew the way. I parked in the usual place and waited with the anticipation building. It had been nearly a year since I had seen him. Not our longest break but long enough. I hope things hadn’t changed between us, I knew there was a risk that it had. After all he was still evolving I on the other hand was exactly where he had left me..(to be continued)


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