Having discovered one or two glitches in the publishing of ‘Sex and the Signposts’  last week I have had to tweak a few things, so apologies to those I know are waiting to purchase and haven’t been able to. Everything should be resolved in the next few days.  Having taken advice from a few knowledgeable sources and because the book is mainly a ‘womans holiday read’ although feel free to buy it guys after all it does contain some very juicy bits! I have used the opportunity to revamp the cover. Hope you ladies appreciate the change but hopefully it will leave the reader in no doubt about the contents and I just think its more likely to catch a womans eye.

For those that are waiting I have selected a few more paragraphs from the book just to wet your appetite….


Chapter 18

“Kissing him softly and running my fingers through his jet black hair, I rise and fall gently.  He kisses my breasts and holds me tightly.  It is an exquisite ride. I have a feeling it’s not going to be a marathon but it doesn’t need to be.  We are lost for that moment, connecting as only a male and female can.  The age gap melts away at this point…..”


Chapter 6

“After the months of anticipation and unfulfilled desire, it felt heavenly.  Taking his shirt over his head he revealed his gorgeous torso and I ran my hands over his arms and stomach and gasping with delight and god, was he fit! Kissing him from the shoulders down, I ran my tongue over his rippling six-pack. This sent him into frenzy and overwhelmed by his months of pent-up desire, he manhandled me up the stairs and into his bedroom….”

And if that hasn’t got your attention maybe the new cover will 🙂



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