“A hard man is good to find”  Mae West.

 My Book ‘Sex and The Signposts’ is now available to purchase on Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle.  If you enjoyed “Fifty Shades”  this will bring you back to reality with a bang! A brutally honest and hilarious account of my last few years as single older woman and how I found joy in the arms of the younger man.

Trying to juggle my personal,family and working life is like a military operation and being revved up on HRT and having found my libido hiding under the bed, I struggle to find time to satisfy my desires. I decide to keep a diary of each and every encounter to help me cope.  As internet dating becomes part of my everyday life I discover that keeping control of my emotions and my sex drive is harder than I thought…..Please read some extracts below……

‘Resplendent in a red dress, with high heels to match, and glass of champagne in hand, I supervised his removal from my life and into the waiting van.  I asked sarcastically “Now have you got everything?”  His response was a steely glare.  I smiled sipping my champagne as the leather Chesterfield that he had humbly asked if he could take left the house and giggled loudly as it was loaded onto the van.  I had been kind enough to buy him and his new squeeze a house-warming present………. ‘


‘I lead him by the hand into the bedroom.  I have never seen anyone get a suit off so quickly and there he is naked before me.  He pulls my dress over my head and immediately starts to wrestle with my bra pulling it down to expose my nipples sucking on them really hard.  We kiss frantically in between manoeuvring ourselves on to the bed……’


‘but somewhere during the chat our eyes locked and the chemistry that had been happily satiated suddenly started to rear up again. I felt it and so did he. Slowly putting his glass down he said quietly “I’d better go”  “Ok” I said rising to my feet. “But first” he replied pausing for effect “I think we should do that all again”. I blinked looking at him with disbelief “are you serious”? “Yep” he answered confidently and taking me by the hand he took me back to the table. I gulped! ……..



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