In honour of our annual Ascot trip I thought I would share with you a chapter from my book. It contains explicit content so enjoy! .  For the full story read my book “Sex and The Signposts” available free to download on Amazon Prime from tomorrow!.

IMGP0182Chapter 3


One of the biggest days in my diary is my annual visit to Ascot races.  To say I love it would be an understatement. I revel in the build-up, team discussions of whose wearing what the frantic shopping expeditions into London for “The” dress and the visits to the Beauty salon for preening pruning and the inevitable spray tan. I organise the food to soak up the copious amounts of alcohol that will be consumed by ‘Team Gaynor’. The girls look forward to the newsletter that I send out with jokes about previous years and instructions on where to come, at what time and what to bring. The anticipation is huge.

I’ve been going for a number years but the day took on more importance with the demise of my marriage. The main reason for this is that the place is brimming with gorgeous sexy men.  They are all suited and booted and smell divine and are in large rowdy groups, where the competitive edge takes over and you can virtually smell the testosterone. It’s rather like a whole day of speed dating and providing you can stay upright on your stilettos the chances are you will meet some pretty hot guys. If it’s a nice warm day then the atmosphere is electric from the ridiculously priced champagne corks popping one after another to the sound of the horses pounding round the track. The chance of a glimpse of the Royal family in the usual pomp and circumstance makes it an occasion to remember. It’s heady and intoxicating and the women all beautifully turned out mill around chatting to each other and any available male that happens to stray into their path. Fuelled with champagne it becomes easy to fall into conversation all of which will be promptly forgotten.

The first time I got the ‘Ascot’ bug was when my marriage was just hanging by a thread, I found myself talking to a young man of thirty. We struck up conversation whilst cheering on the horses and he asked me to go for a drink with him Thinking he was just being friendly, I toddled off holding his hand, feeling all girlie as he lead me to the bar. He plied me with a large gin and tonic. Frankly there was no need to ply me with anything; I’d already drunk a whole bottle of champers!  I remember thinking bloody hell!!! What am I doing? married woman and all that but I loved the attention he was giving me. Plus as far as I was concerned he couldn’t possibly be interested in me in the real sense of the word, I was far too old. When things got a bit cosy and we were pushed together by the hoards of people vying for a place at the bar, he used the up close and personal proximity we found ourselves to kiss me. I was shocked, but was too polite to draw back and I quite liked it. It was years since I had been kissed by a stranger. When he asked for my number I gave it to him without hesitating, I was feeling totally reckless by now.

We went back to our respective groups of friends and he text me later saying he would like to see me again and that I was gorgeous. I kept looking at the text in disbelief, bearing in mind that this was some years ago, long before the ‘Cougar’ thing was fashionable I have to say I was flattered and pleased that I still had it!! Well some of it anyway!! My husband had made it quite clear that he didn’t think I came into the gorgeous category being preoccupied with his own troubles and of course he was already servicing the filly next door (although I didn’t know it then). So I came back from Ascot head held high having had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Hungover of course, but happy. That was it, I was hooked. I did feel very uncomfortable whenever. I thought of the kiss and despite the fact he did text me after the event to ask me out, I refused. I was still living in hope that my marriage was going to stay the course and I wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize that. It wouldn’t be fair to cheat on my poorly husband even though he was becoming increasingly more difficult to live with. He deserved better than that, or so I thought.

The next year arrived June 18th 2008 and I had been single for all of ten days. With the bottles of champers chilling in the fridge, I got ready stepping into my black and cream dress fascinator in place.  I welcomed the girls as they arrived and there was much air kissing and complimentary noises being made. All fourteen of us looked fabulous and we set off in two cars with the champagne already opened and being drunk.

Phil is our regular driver and is used to dealing with us when our behaviour gets less than lady like (which is more often than not!) Everyone stores his number in their phone and then if you get lost or in difficulty he will come and find you and escort you back to the car. Trying to find your way back to base camp can be quite difficult if you wander off as all the car parks look the same and the fact that you have drunk at least a whole bottle of champagne, means your judgment is well off. Your feet hurt and your fascinator and you are both tipsy. So Phil is like our personal minder and a great asset.

Rhianna’s song ‘Under my umbrella’ is being played a lot on the radio as we wing our way to Windsor. Very appropriate as the weather is not the best and is overcast and rain is forecast. I had instructed all the ‘ladies’ to bring an umbrella. Mine proved very useful as I was to be joined under it by a hot young man of twenty five during a down pour. I decided that when numbers were exchanged and the texts started flying back and forth, that this time I would not miss the opportunity to see him again. I had already “pulled” a guy in his late thirties and we had chatted and had a bit of a kiss earlier in the day. I was still standing with him when I put up my umbrella to shield me from the rain. Nothing worse than rain to spoil your hair and make you look like a drowned rat. Taking absolutely no notice of the fact that I was already ahem! spoken for, the cheeky twenty five year old just stuck his head in and proceeded to chat me up in double quick time.

The other guy just sort of faded into the crowd and I was left being hit upon in no uncertain terms by this charming man. His name was Anthony and he worked for an online betting company. Talking at an alarming rate he told me he was into older women and could he have my number?  I was so sexy and did I like younger guys? Before I could answer all of his questions he was snogging my face off. Oops! Two men in one day now that is bad. Anthony had big brown eyes and dark hair and most importantly a lovely smile and nice teeth. I rate nice teeth as high on my wish list where men are concerned and shy away from a bad set. I was intrigued and flattered so when he suggested we meet up in the fields outside I was quite taken with the idea. But despite talking to each other on our mobiles on the way back to the cars I couldn’t for the life of me find him. I had champagne legs and they were just not working properly.

So when he text me later I was pleased and winged back an immediate reply. The texts flew back and forth for a few days with his ones getting more explicit followed early one Monday morning by a shocking picture of his ‘morning glory’ with the words “Come and sit on this”. Spluttering my tea all over the place and laughing my head off, I replied with “Chance would be a fine thing”

He was constantly urging me to get train to Surrey and book a hotel for a night of passion. I was far too chicken to contemplate such a thing. So our cyber sex continued. He phoned me one night and obviously wanted me to have sex with him over the airwaves. Having absolutely no idea what to say I blundered along talking about what underwear I had on (I lied of course) and moaning appropriately when I had ran out of ideas. I didn’t have a clue, when I was younger the nearest thing we had to phone sex was blowing the odd kiss into the mouthpiece. That and the fact there were no mobiles just one big giant phone planted on the hall table and in full earshot of your mum and dad, talking dirty was not something I had learnt to do. The invention of the mobile had certainly changed the world.

He was very keen to meet up again but the distance was proving to be an issue. One Tuesday in late July the texting was full of sexual innuendo. I was beginning to get the hang of sex texting and he was getting very excited at the other end. Mentioning that I had possession of my friends empty flat that night he suddenly said that he had decided to drive over to see me, saying “I can’t wait anymore and if we don’t do it soon it won’t happen”. Not believing he was serious as he was in Central London today and the drive to me would be horrendous. I laboured the point. He would not be dissuaded. Asking for the postcode he did a check on the net and said he would be with me in a few hours.

I still did not quite believe that he was actually coming. I worked through the rest of the afternoon and when he text me to say he was an hour away I decided I’d better get ready. I went quickly to the flat and got prepared for what I expected was going to be a raunchy couple of hours. Legs shaved check! Nice underwear on check! Make-up good check! Perfume sprayed! Check! Wine chilling! Check. Just as he was due to arrive all the lights went out! and the TV, and the stereo in fact everything!  Great!!! It seems were in the throes of a power cut. Panicking I thought what can I do?

It dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to play any mood enhancing music and although the light was ok at the moment it was an overcast day so it would fade pretty rapidly. I had no idea how long they would take to restore the power. But from previous experience it could well be a few hours. I would just have to make contingency plans. Grabbing my purse I legged it, well tottered I was wearing my best heels, down the road to the Co-operative, I might bemoan the view of it, but it was proving to be a very useful place. I swooped on a big bag of T light candles. They would have to do. Rushing back to the flat which was already stooped in gloom, I strategically placed them around the lounge and then lit them one by one. I was getting exceedingly nervous now and excited, so I poured myself a large glass of wine. I knocked half of it back and it rushed into my empty stomach with immediate effect. Thank god for that at least I felt a bit calmer and the candles gave the room a nice rosy glow and hopefully would do the same for me.

I was ever anxious that my not so young and rather well covered body would send some young man running for the hills at some point. This young man it would seem would not be the one.  He rang to say he was outside and I nervously opened the door it had been some weeks since I had seen him and I hoped I still liked the look of him and he of me. He grinned broadly and before I could get a good look at him he scooped me up off my feet and kissed me with passion.  Putting me down again I had a chance to look at him clearly, well as clearly as I could, given the candlelight. I was talking nineteen to the dozen and offering him a beer and filling up my glass again I quickly explained the reason for the candles. He was as I remembered, quite tall and very broad and well built, a mop of brown hair and big wide apart brown eyes and with a huge smile revealing a perfectly formed line of choppers. He had a cheeky face and a cheeky manner to match but the chemistry was definitely there and it was working its magic.

We had only been talking for ten minutes when he grabbed me again and kissing me with meaning and reminding me of his tongue he started to undo the buttons on my shirt and pulling up my skirt. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he then started undoing his trousers. He was not giving me a chance to object and was very much in charge. Dropping his trousers and pants to the floor and stepping out of them he allowed his cock to roam free stroking it as he did so, so that I could get the full benefit. It was rather big and very long!! I took a deep intake of breath savouring the moment as with his huge brown eyes fixed on me and darkening with lust he tried to wrestle me out of my bra. He decided to leave it in place but managed to extract my breasts from there resting place. “Mmmm” he said “you have great tits!!!” and playing with my left nipple with one hand he produced his mobile from his pocket with the other and showed me a picture of him and me at Ascot together. I don’t remember that being taken! But there we were deep in conversation under my umbrella. How sweet that he had kept it.

Pushing me gently downward to my knees he made it quite clear what was expected next. It was a new experience for me to be so out of control but I rather liked it. I gazed up at him wide-eyed and then took his extensive manhood in my mouth which was rather a feat. Surprisingly, I managed quite well and without gagging and was really getting into this experience. I was already imagining what it was going to feel like inside me and hoped it would fit.  I didn’t have to wait long…we were still in the lounge and the rest of the flat was steeped in darkness. Deciding that he didn’t want to go to the bedroom and still taking charge, he pulled me over to the dining table and scooping everything off in one movement, he lifted me up and laid me down. It was just like a scene from the film ‘The Postman Only Rings Twice’. He may not be Jack Nicholson but he was certainly acting the part. Everything was happening very fast and my heart was pounding as coming level with the table he yanked me further to the edge and then taking his now rock hard erection in his hand he hovered for a minute letting my anticipation build before he rammed it hard and quickly inside me. I let out a huge moan and he drove in and out of me fast and strong.

I was still wearing my skirt and shoes, my thong he had just moved to one side. But it didn’t matter. It felt good, really good and I was moaning loudly. He was really enjoying his work…and I lifted myself up onto my elbows so I could kiss him here and there. It was hard though, he was pushing inside with such force I couldn’t maintain the lift and repeatedly collapsed back onto the table.  Suddenly he pulled me up and with a great sense of urgency he turned me around letting my feet rest on the floor and with me leaning on the table for support he slide right back in. He was moaning loudly now and I was trying to control myself vocally, but it was hard given the size of the man (boy). I had totally abandoned myself to this guy and I was loving it, I don’t ever remember being so out of control. Suddenly he announced that he was coming. And gasping loudly he did!

I remained in the prose position gasping for breath he was regaining his composure and eventually he slipped out of me leaving me feeling empty. I turned round to face him and we smiled warmly at each and kissed briefly. Adjusting my clothes I offered him another drink and he started to get dressed.  We sat in the candle light chatting away and sipping our drinks, getting to know each other a little better, ironic really considering our bodies had been introduced first. It was getting late and he had quite a journey ahead of him and he said “I’d better go soon”. I answered “yes of course” but somewhere during the chat our eyes locked and the chemistry that had been happily satiated suddenly started to rear up again. I felt it and so did he. Slowly putting his glass down he said quietly “I’d better go”  “Ok” I said rising to my feet. “But first” he replied pausing for effect “I think we should do that all again”. I blinked looking at him with disbelief “are you serious”? “Yep” he answered confidently and taking me by the hand he took me back to the table. I gulped!

He took off all his clothes in a flash and before I knew it there it was again huge and hard and inside me. “Oh My God” .I was almost overwhelmed and he was insatiable.  But never the less it was just as amazing the second time and he was able to go on for much longer. I wanted to take control and asked him to lie on the floor deciding it was time to ride my Ascot Stallion. It was quite a daunting prospect as I lowered myself  down, and it took a few attempts to ease him in, he was such a “big boy” I was still half dressed but he took the opportunity to play with my breasts and suck my nipples. I thanked god that my thighs were in good shape and I was able to keep up the pace. Eventually we were both over the finish line and frankly I couldn’t have gone on much longer and would have had to pull him up.  One thing I hadn’t thought about was the hardness of the carpet and as I stood up I realised I had two nasty carpet burns. Ouch! I hadn’t sported a sex related injury since my teens and these were going to be a dead giveaway.

We gathered ourselves together as my phone went off. I checked it was my son just seeing what time I would be home. I sent back “soon” and showed my young lover to the door. Kissing him and saying our goodbyes he went on his way. He phoned me a couple of times for directions and it took him over two hours to get home. Blowing out the candles I collected my stuff and made for the door, just as I did the lights came back on, along with the TV and the stereo. Laughing I went round turning everything off. Sex by candlelight had been exhilarating, so thanks Powergen! My thighs having received a thorough work out felt wobbly and I was walking like Id spent a day in the saddle. I was relieved to get home and flop on the sofa.

I lay there going over the events of the evening. I had never been overly adventurous sexually, and liked all the usual things but realized that night that I had the capacity to be a real sexual diva. I liked the feeling of being out of control, I liked the fact that it was sex without real emotions being involved and I loved the fact that twenty five years olds can go on forever. Hmmm, I was beginning to enjoy the single life and I never thought I would hear myself say that so soon.  I was relishing in the fact that I answered to no one but me and could do what I liked, when I liked. I had no man demanding my attention. I could lay on this sofa all night if I chose to without requests for this or that.  It was sheer bliss and being free was proving to be an uplifting experience and not the dark lonely one that I was expecting to have. I thought to myself that there was a lot to be said for being ‘The older woman’ Falling into a deep sleep I woke up some hours later with a contented smile on my face.


umbrellas at Ascot


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