I lay alone in my king size bed

Thoughts of you raging in my head

Your hands on my body, the smell of your skin

A memory so vivid , it is overwhelming

The rhythm of sleep when we lay so still

The magic between us that seems so real

The comfortable chatter the sound of your voice

I didn’t want to  feel this, But I had no choice

Now you are leaving, it was always to be so

You are off  on your adventures, and I must let  you go

Time waits for no man least of all me

The age that’s between us means we will never be free

To share more of our lives just the edges have crossed

But it held such joy, I knew I was lost

I do not regret you, how could I resist?

I was lost in your world the moment we kissed

And it’s the moment in time that we will always share

But more than that we just wouldn’t have dared

So here’s to the goodbye that still never came

Time  has run out on us  all over again.

I will miss you! x


Sometimes, just sometimes. you meet someone that gets under your skin.  The age difference becomes irrelevant but there is a price to pay. The question I always ask myself at this point is “was the joy worth the sadness?” I am still smiling so I think you know the answer.

“For those who have experienced the joy no explanation is necessary,for those that haven’t no explanation is possible”


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