We arrived home from Butlins clambered out of the car, suitcases dumped on the pavement and dragging them behind us we went inside. My BF Trudy was getting picked up in half an hour. We decided to go and sit in the garden and surprised ourselves by having a beer and a fag!. With the hangovers kicking in ‘hair of the dog’ seemed a good idea. Chattering madly about the events of the weekend, recalling the dramas our animated conversation was interspersed by loud giggles.

I checked my phone constantly as Irish had yet to confirm what time he was coming and to what station. I was feeling pretty jaded and knew that if he did come I would have to find some energy from somewhere. Still it was no hardship, I had not expected to see him again this time round so It would be an unexpected pleasure. There would definitely be plenty of pleasure (of the sexual variety of course.)

It was about 4 pm and as Trudy’s husband arrived to collect her my phone went ping and the message read. Heading to Kings Cross now probably be Oakwood station .text you en-route. . Bloody Hell where was he now ? It wouldn’t take that long if he was already on his way. Trudy took her cue and left and I ran upstairs to run a bath. I had just got in the foaming water and was relaxing enjoying the fragrant smell of the bath oil I had put in to revive me when I heard my phone ping again. Damnation I had left it in the bedroom. Hauling myself out of the bath bubbles flying everywhere I wrapped a towel around my wet body and leaving foaming wet footprints on the carpet I searched for my phone. Another message “heading on to the Piccadilly line now see you soon” Dear god.. it would only take him 30 minutes to get to Oakwood and me 15 mins to drive there !!

Running back to the bathroom I dived back in the bath washed everything very quickly ‘Talk about a lick and promise’ With my hair dryer in one hand and stepping into my knickers with the other I got ready in double-quick time. My hair was still damp and my make-up half done when I jumped into the car and sped off. He arrived at 5.15 pm kissing me with enthusiasm as he climbed in next to me.

Once in the house we poured a drink and sat catching up about our respective weekends. He told me of the friends he had caught up with all of whom I was familiar with but had never met of course. His drunken night out, getting his hair cut, and generally just enjoying London. I filled him in with tales of my antics and my friends (all of whom he was familiar with but had never met of course).We ordered chinese watched TV and fell into bed around midnight. We spent an hour or more in the throes of passion. My body as usual was at his mercy and I happily surrendered. With the candles I had lit bathing the room in an eerie golden glow we fell asleep curled up together.

As the light began creeping in under the blinds cancelling out the glow from the candles, he stirred and as his hand reached out for mine our eyes opened and the passion stirred once more. It was amazing everytime. He promptly fell asleep again. I laid quietly next to him as his laboured breathing returned to a normal rhythm. As I looked at him sleeping like a baby I tried to absorb the moment. I knew we were on borrowed time.

He was going back to London early in the afternoon to catch up with one remaining elusive friend. His flight was the very next day. I left the room quietly careful not to wake him and went downstairs. I made tea and sorted out the washing I had put in the machine for him. How very domesticated of me. I checked my work emails made a few phone calls and then showering and applying some make-up, I slipped back in the bed beside him once more. He opened his eyes told me I smelt nice and then kissed me all over. It was nearly two hours later that we fell back onto the cushions totally spent. The sheets were wringing wet from our exertions and the smell of sex hung heavily in the room.

I began to feel very sad about his imminent departure the bonding hormones that we had just released in abundance during our mating doing their job very well. He told me that he was glad he had come for a visit and I said so was I. We agreed that we just ‘got each other’ and the attraction we aroused in each other some four years ago remains still. The rest as always is unspoken and feels a little like an elephant in the room..well at least to me.

Whilst he showered I made breakfast and before long we were back in the car and parked outside Oakwood station saying goodbye all over again. “Come and see me again ?” I whisper in between kisses. “I will” he promises and getting out he heads off looking back at me twice and waving and then he was gone.

Evidence of his stay were all over the house. The book that he was reading left open on the table face-down. The bottle of Irish whiskey he had bought stood in the kitchen, and the sheets on the bed remained damp until the next day. It was at least a week later before I could bring myself to change them…

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