To say I had been stressed over the weekend would have been an understatement. I was being pulled in so many different direction I felt paper thin. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to be transposing onto my body but hey ho. I was jumping from one thing to another and my head was rotating so fast I felt like Regan from the Exorcist.

I was setting up working from home and BT we’re making my customer experience a living nightmare. And just when I thought it was finally sorted (it wasn’t)…my computer crashed. All my precious work and personal stuff inaccessible and possibly lost for ever. I was beside myself..frantically ringing our IT guy who informed me that my hard drive had gone. Marvellous!!!

He was hoping he may be able to save all the data but he wouldn’t know until he got his hands on it. I was just going to have to deal with the waiting and worrying. Nothing is ever simple is it? We’ll not for me.

On the plus side I had a rendezvous planned for later with my local TB but as always I was waiting for confirmation that he could make it. I hope so, a little ‘down’ time was just what the doctor ordered and would be a great way to release some tension. He has been around for so long now that I had recently decided to give him a chapter or two in the next book and had been scribbling away with him in my head. I needed a distraction having had a text exchange with Irish this week who seemed in a very low mood and not himself at all. He promised to call for a catch up but the days rolled by and I decided it wasn’t going to happen. I was, as I often am, off his radar and I just have wait and see. I have done this many times in the last four years.

My phone went ping and there was my TB confirming that he could make It. I smiled inwardly to myself, something to look forward to later at least.

Before that I had the joys of a pelvic scan to endure. I had been having a few symptoms of late and my GP had carried out a series of tests. All of which had been negative. My guess was that stress was at the route but the scan was the final piece of the puzzle. When you take HRT they like to keep a close eye on things and rightly so.

Then I got a call from BBC Radio Birmingham The Graham Torrington Show asking if I could come on the show later that evening to discuss sex before marriage and whether it’s better to play the field or just stick with one partner. I had been on the show many times it’s always good publicity for the book. I happily agreed but now my evening was rather over full.

My scan was at 6.30 pm my toyboy was due at 7.30 pm and the radio show wanted to call me at 9pm nice relaxed evening then!

I had to drink a lot of water in the afternoon as a full bladder was required for the scan. Typically the scan lady was running late so by the time I got on the couch I was feeling very uncomfortable. As the Radiologist pressed the wand over my abdomen I had to concentrate very hard on not jumping off the couch and running to the loo. I was surprised when she told me I hadn’t drunk enough water and she couldn’t see clearly so would need to do an internal scan. Wonderful just what I needed before a booty call an internal ultra-sound wand experience!! The only good thing about it was that I was allowed to visit the loo first. Now THAT was bliss.

The scan results were all clear so panic over and one thing to cross off the stress list. I had barely got in the front door when I heard the knock and there he was grinning and kissing me all at the same time. He came in sat down and took off his shoes making himself comfortable. “Sorry” I said immediately “I am going to have to throw you out about nine as I have a radio interview to do”. He laughed and raised his eyebrows “better get on with it then” pulling his top over his head revealing his toned body. Our meetings were rarely spread out over many hours, although we had spent some longer evenings together. We had an easy affinity, it wasn’t complicated. We were relaxed and in tune, no expectations on either side. We’ll maybe just the one!:).

Our time would have been cut short in any event with the return of the giant so I was always keeping an eye on the clock sticking to my policy that never the twain shall meet. Breathless and dishevelled but feeling more like me I shoved him out of the door just in time to read very quickly the article in The Daily Mail that related to the interview.

The phone rang “hi Gaynor Graham Torrington here nice to have you on the show again” ah time to engage the brain and a good job they don’t have a camera trained on me as my ‘just had sex’ hair would have been a dead give away…graham torrington


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