I thought I would do a quick blog in honour of my Birthday today.  Like all older women out there I know that getting older Sucks!! Nothing you can do about it apart from grin and bare it..literally in my case.  Refusing to give in to it and living life to the full is the only way forward in my book (Well you will know that if you have indeed  read my book  ha! ).

It’s hard work getting older ..the gym beckons more often in order to keep what you have left where it ought to be! You have to watch what you eat otherwise it seems to get stuck at waist level and expand from there and you look like you  are 6 months pregnant.  Your hormones go up and down and once again I pay homage to the man who invented HRT.  (I’m sure it was a man that invented it, he soon wised up to not wanting the Menopausal Woman let loose on the world and directed straight at him. ) That little pill keeps me sexy and sane in one hit.  If I miss one I bloody well  know about it within hours.  I get  this twinge and no it’s not a good feeling!!. God help my GP if he tries to wrestle my repeat prescription off me in the near future.

It takes so much longer to get ready as you get older too.  I am rarely seen without my make-up and eyelashes but it all takes forever and I must admit to thinking that if I could stomach going Eau-Naturelle I might have more time to myself.  But then the question is to do what  ? Save the world ? Clean the Oven and around the toilet rim ? Iron my Sheets ? ! On reflection perhaps looking good enough to be able to face catching myself in the shop window without wanting to  put a bag over my head is  a better option and as for Ironing sheets I would much rather be beneath them screwing them up in true ‘Cougar’ style.

But on the plus side as a Toyboy text me this morning “you are only as old as the man that you feel” all good them I’m on average about 25..sorted! And to quote Sharon Osbourne who shares my birthday “I’m  Fifty + VAT and still feeling Fabulous!!.

For those of you that don’t know I work in Recruitment and in true birthday style Chloe has as usual,  filled the window up with totally unprofessional pictures of me for all the world to see…I’m off to  lunch soon to expand the ever-growing waistline.  Happy Birthday to all Older Woman who still know how to shake a leg!  As you can see im very conservative :).


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