So dashing round my bedroom tripping over yesterdays clothes I’m in for a busy busy morning, I have a lot to get done before the off at lunchtime back into the West End with me good mate Fris!  Momentary shoe crisis as my black stilettoes  have been ruined yet again by the escalators.  Hunting through my wardrobe I pick up one shoe after another. Yes, they would go with the dress I was going to wear but they were all sooo high. No good for trooping around London.  The only pair that will do the job are bright red! So now I’m looking for something that would go with Red!  I suddenly remember that good friend Amanda had given me a Red Trinny n Suzannah dress sometime ago.

 As I’m fishing it out of the wardrobe my phone goes off it’s a text from “Flakey”  “Where were you last night?”  Im now busy contemplating whether I have time to  pop into Enfield Town to have the black shoes heeled deciding that the answer is No! I text him back the quick version of the theft of the iphone and blaming him for enticing us into Holborn and then disappearing he then descends into lots of sexual innuendo followed by “Can I call you?” Ah Ha! I know where this is going he wants phone sex! Throwing the red dress in the tumble drier for a decrease (I hate ironing with a passion and actually don’t possess an iron ) I look at the time and can’t believe I am actually considering the idea. Phone sex with Flakey is always Hot and I am feeling the need (A hangover is guaranteed to send subliminal sexual messages to the brain) I suppose I could spare him five minutes.. I tell him to call me.  Some heavy breathing and a great deal of relief later I am almost skipping into work.

When Fris arrives at lunchtime she is also wearing a red dress so we look like a couple of book-ends the difference of course being the shoes my shiny red stilettos are from Barrett’s she is of course sporting a pair of glorious Louboutins (even though she can’t walk in them much).

We get on the tube and chatting at ninety miles an hour we head into London. We are meeting two more ladies that lunch a bit later.  So Fris suggests we go to “The Ritz ” for a drink.  Having never been inside the place I am excited and off we go.

We are greeted in the Foyer by the most magnificent Christmas Tree it is breath-taking.  In fact the whole place is Christmas personified.  The sumptuous reds and golds that adorn the walls are simply amazing and  I have never seen anything more opulent and gorgeous.  We are shown through to the bar and get seated and the waiters fuss and flap until we are sipping our drinks and eating the nibbles that are part of the service.  Suddenly the room is filled with the sound of carol singers and it feels like Christmas has arrived early. Bliss!

The prices of course reflect the opulence so after an hour we move on to “The Clarence” just down the road to wait for the other girls Jacky and Alison. By the time they come and we have had a couple more drinks its time to head just across the road for our dinner in “The Wolsey” .

This is another magnificent venue and we are taken up to our balcony table. Three bottles of wine later we spill out onto the street to hail a cab.  Spill is a good choice of word as Alison misses the step on the way out and cackes it onto  the pavement, arms flaying she grabs at the nearest thing… Fris’s hair!  which unfortunately isn’t all her own today Screeching “mind me syrup” Fris just about manages to keep upright and laughing so much we are in danger of needing a change of underwear! We help poor Alison up and check she is ok.  She is limping a bit and Fris is rubbing her scalp but still giggling we get into a cab and onto a bar called  “Babble” in Sloane Square.

It’s a great place with loud music and is rammed . We have another drink and then go downstairs to have a dance.  En-route I bump into a rather nice young guy called Jack. Some chatting and a bit of kissing later we exchange numbers and he leaves.  The rest of the evening flies by and I’m suddenly aware that I have to get the last train and need to get gone. So back to the station.

I fall asleep most of the way (not surprisingly) and am home by 12.30 to relieve Kate who is on Babysitting duty at my house with Matilda (Her mum is at her Office Party) I flop into bed with a peaceful Matilda sleeping in the cot next to me.

The next day is a right off as I am stuck in waiting for a new fridge to arrive and spend the whole day playing dollies watching “The Goonies ” for the umpteenth time “hey you guys”  and doing sticking. I have a bit of company when Estelle arrives with Isaac and spend the next hour trying to persuade Matilda to let him play with her things  but to no avail.  Bit of a contrast from  “The putting on the Ritz” of yesterday…but such is my life..lets see what life’s rich pattern has in store for me this week..bring it on…


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